Monday, January 26, 2015

2016 Sonata Plug-in - We Can't Wait!!

The 2016 Sonata Plug-in is the first "plug-in" for Hyundai. It takes the already amazing Sonata Hybrid and adds a third option. The Hybrid works when the gasoline engine delivers the primary charge energy for the lithium polymer  batteries while the regenerative braking system helps provide supplemental energy. Now with the plug-in it can rely more on electric-only operation giving you a longer driving range, it can be charged by plugging into an electrical outlet. This now allows for electric-only driving at higher speeds than the Sonata Hybrid. The Sonata Hybrid Plug-in also has some incredible available features! It's going to be good. 


Monday, December 8, 2014

Hyundai Fuel Economy Class Action Settlement

About a year ago we posted about the Hyundai MPG Program. Recently more information has been coming forward and we wanted to keep you up to date.

Last year we posted about the new one time lump sum payment option. This payment is part of the Hyundai Fuel Economy Class Action Settlement. Since fall of this year through January 5, 2015 Hyundai will be mailing settlement information letters like the one below to owners of the affected vehicles. If you have questions or would like to get more information the number is 877-277-001 and the website is here.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Great News for the Holidays!!!

If you have been considering a Hyundai Elantra or Sonata now would be a great time. Hyundai has added even MORE rebates for the Holidays. 2015 Elantra's, 2015 Sonata's, and 2014 Elantra's all have $500 Holiday cash now through January 2nd. See below for complete available rebates.

2015 Sonata Rebates:
$1000 Retail Bonus Cash
$500 Holiday Cash
$1000 Valued Owner or $500 Competitive Owner
$400 College Graduate
$500 Boostup
$500 Military
= $3,900 available savings! Click here for 2015 Sonata inventory.

2015 Elantra Rebates:
$1000 15MY Elantra SE Retail Bonus Cash
$1500 15MY Elantra Sport/Limited Retail Bonus Cash
$500 Holiday Cash
$500 Valued Owner
$400 College Graduate
$500 Boostup
$500 Military
= $3900 available savings! Click here for 2015 Elantra inventory.

2014 Elantra Rebates:
$1500 14MY Elantra SE/Coupe/GT Retail Bonus Cash
$2000 14MY Elantra Sport/LTD Retail Bonus Cash
$500 Holiday Cash
$500 14MY Elantra SE/Sport/LTD/Coupe Valued Owner
$750 14MY Elantra GT Valued Owner or Competitive Owner
$400 College Graduate
$500 Boostup
$500 Military
=$4400 available savings! Click here for 2014 Elantra inventory.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Distracted Driving

The world is at our fingertips. Everywhere you go you have access to your friends, entertainment, GPS, online banking, games, the list goes on and on. All you have to do is unlock your phone and you get instant gratification. Not only is it not safe but text messaging and phone usage while driving has been banned in many states, and rightfully so. Click here to see your state laws.

When you leave your phone in the cup holder its hard to ignore the text messages and notifications. Here are some tips to help keep your attention on the road for your safety and the safety of the people around you.

1. Go hands free and keep your hands on the wheel. Headsets are a very affordable option and a lot of cars come with integrated speakerphones now. Its worth the investment if you are someone who makes a lot of phone calls in the car. (Click here for the "10 Best Bluetooth Headsets")

2. Put it on silent and somewhere unreachable before you put your car in drive. If you don't know about the text message or can't get to it chances are you won't be distracted. Click here for five apps to prevent texting and driving.

3. Have a designated texter. If its really important have your passenger text back for you, otherwise it can wait. Texting takes your hands, eyes, and focus off of driving. You may think you are in control but a recent stundy reported that drivers are twenty-three times more likely to be in an automobile crash when texting. Click here for more texting and driving statistics.

Even though its hard we all need to implement the "just say no" attitude. Say yes to safety and no to meaningless distractions. They can wait.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

Buying a car is a big investment. That's why we have auto insurance for the big things to keep us covered. What about that nail on the road that just destroyed your tire? What about that rock the truck in front of you kicked up and cracked your windshield? Your navigation system stopped working? Forgot to budget in all those oil changes and scheduled maintenance?

Whatever you need, there is a warranty out there for you. Extended warranties are an affordable way to cover unforeseen expenses.

Platinum Vehicle Protection:
You could be the best driver in the world but guess what, the world isn't perfect. The Platinum Vehicle Protection program from Power Protect bundles Tire & Wheel Protection, Dent & Ding Protection, and Windshield Repair Protection. Nails, rocks, even shopping carts will no longer break the bank.

 A few key highlights:
  • No deductible - zero out-of-pocket cost for you at time of claim
  • No limit on number of occurrences or mileage
  • Covers damage caused by road hazards like glass, metal, potholes, debris, nails or blows outs.
  • Front windshield repair of chips and cracks caused by rocks and other road debris
  • Removes door dings and minor dents without harming your vehicle's factory finish
These things happen out of the blue and can add up. Be sure you are protected from the unexpected!
Vehicle Service Contract:
Power Protect has three available plans for comprehensive protection. Powertrain, Gold, and Platinum: 

I didn't realize you could buy coverage for your audio and navigation. Did you?! Plus amazing benefits like 24-hour roadside assistance, towing, rental car reimbursement, trip interruption coverage, and transferable coverage. Transferable coverage may add to your car value if you decide to sell your vehicle.

GAP Insurance:
GAP can be purchased on new and used vehicles. If you owe more than your car is worth you are upside down. Roughly half of people who finance their vehicle are upside down (source/more information). If your car is totaled your insurance company will only pay what the car is worth so GAP steps in and pays the difference between what you owe and what the car is worth.  Say you owe $25,000 for your car and your insurance determines the value to be  $21,500, GAP pays the bank the $3,500 so you don't have to. You'll barely notice the difference in your monthly payment but if you don't get it you will be hurting when the bank starts looking for their money.

Pre-Paid Maintenance:
Pre-Paid Maintenance is exactly what it sounds like. You pay upfront so that for the lifetime of your plan you don't have to worry about paying for your scheduled oil and oil filter changes. When you buy this plan you're essentially rolling the cost of your oil changes into your monthly car payment.

If you purchase all these plans when you finance your vehicle, you would be set up to have very few out-of-pocket expenses besides your your monthly payment. If you have any question give us a call at 940-243-6200.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hyundai Sonata Open Campaigns

Hyundai makes every effort to create perfect vehicles every time. When they fall short it is Hyundai's desire to make it right. Below are two open campaigns for Hyundai Sonatas. If your car is affected by these campaigns please call us and we will work with your schedule to repair your vehicle as soon as possible.

Applicable Vehicles: 2011-2014 Sonata 2.0L and 2.4L (excluding Hybrid) with automatic transaxles.
This open safety campaign involves the automatic transaxle shift lever. The cable that connects the transmission range selector switch to the vehicle's shift lever pin may become disconnected, which could keep your vehicle from being able to go into the park position, preventing the vehicle from being started.

Applicable Vehicles: 2011 Sonata (YF) vehicles manufactured on December 11, 2009 through September 1, 2010.
This open safety campaign involves the brake tubes that may develop a leak over time. If the brake tubes leak sufficient brake fluid, the brake warning lamp in the instrument cluster will illuminate and longer stopping distance will be required, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash. Do not be alarmed, the brake warning lamp will illuminate before the condition is serious.

Repairing these conditions comes at no cost to you! The replacement part and labor is covered by Hyundai's commitment to quality and safety for the life of your car. Please make an appointment online at or by phone at 940-243-6233.

Monday, September 15, 2014

2015 Hyundai Geneis Coupe

The Genesis Coupe is easy to look at. It's sleek curves will make you stand out in a crowd. You will love the speed and control you get behind the wheel.

The 2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe has a powerful 3.8L V6 GDI engine that gets up to 348 HP. This car also gets up to 25 MPG HWY. You and your friends will fit great with its 4 spacious seats. The Coupe also has a stronger frame giving you better handling and response.

Safety is important. That's why Hyundai makes 6 airbags standard in this car. The Genesis Coupe is there for those scary moments when you accelerate and your wheels just spin or you drive on slippery roads. The available Torsen Limited-slip Differential works to get you maximum grip in those slippery situations. And because we don't actually have eyes in the back of our heads the available parking sensors embedded into the rear bumper will give you a warning sound when the car is getting too close to another object.

The available 7-inch touchscreen allows you to use voice recognition for things like getting directions, that keeps your attention on the road keeping you safe. Blue Link has available technology including Automatic Collision Notification and Assistance, SOS Emergency Assistance and Destination Search powered by Google, plus many more. The hands on controls on your steering wheel make driving and doing easy. Make phone calls, change the radio, set your cruise control and drive safely knowing you'll never need to take your hands of the wheel.  
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