Monday, January 28, 2013

Employee of the Month

Best Salesman Award

Stan Becker was voted Eckert Hyundai's January Employee of the Month by his peers for his customer service, professionalism, and his outstanding sales achievements. Stan has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and has been an integral member of our sales team since December 2000.

Stan's coworkers describe him as self-motivated, organized, helpful and likeable. His smile is contagious and he is known to consistently meet or exceed his customer's expectations.

Recognition and congratulations for all of your extra hours and hard work Stan, thanks from those of us who work with you at Eckert Hyundai. Way to go!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hyundai gets 2nd Place in Car MD Ranking

2 AWARDS: Fewest Percentage of Check Engine Related Problems & Lowest Average Repair Cost

There are many costs associated with owning a vehicle:
1) Initial Purchase Cost
2) Maintenance Cost
3) Fuel Cost
4) Insurance Cost
5) Depreciation or Trade-In Cost

Hyundai does pretty well for themselves in all of these categories but a recent report from carMD supplies evidence of Hyundai's outstanding value in the maintenance department.

Since Hyundai offers a 10 year Warranty, they are more and more committed to quality vehicles that cost less and less to own and maintain.  For instance, remember timing belts?  Well, they are a thing of the past.  All new Hyundai vehicles are equipped with a timing chain, which saves you a trip to our service department and about $350 every 60,000 miles!

Want another nifty fact from this report?  The most common "check engine" type repair for newer vehicles is... drumroll please... a loose fuel cap!

Can you believe that 27% of check engine problems are caused by such a simple fix?  So next time your check engine light is on, check that your gas cap is on and tightened and you will, again, save yourself a trip to our lovely service department.

We do miss you, by the way.

Check out for the complete report.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Employee of the Month

Mike Barham
Please join us in congratulating our newest Eckert Hyundai Employee of the Month for December, Mike Barham.

Mike was nominated by his colleagues for his outstanding attitude and willingness to do whatever is necessary to ensure that our customers are happy. One of his coworkers commented that “Mike is always, ALWAYS smiling. He is upbeat, positive, friendly, and helpful at all times.”

Mike has worked for Eckert Hyundai since July of 1997 and manages our Sales and Make Ready departments, however, over the years he has learned just about every working aspect of the dealership and is always willing to help out where needed.

Thank you Mike, for your service, your excellent attitude and extra efforts!
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