Thursday, April 28, 2011

Subscribe, everyone's doing it!

Ok, maybe you can tell by my writing, but I'm new at this. Before December I had never written a recurring blog with information that people would want to read. It is nice being told what your niche is.

So basically before this, I didn't know what "subscribing to a blog" meant. I was so confused! Now I'm an addict. And I don't really like to sit in front of the computer for hours but I must say that I love blogs. I love them, I can't stop subscribing to them. And then my in-box is full of junk so I do a little spring cleaning and ween it down to the few I just HAVE to read (we hope that ours makes the list).

Basically subscribing to a blog is like subscribing to a magazine where you get an article a day (or a few a week in our case). But subscribing to a blog is FREE!

Quick How-To:
1. Go to your email homepage (be it Yahoo! or Google - I'll be honest Google has cool homepages that you can design yourself:
2. Log in
3. Go to Blog Directory (in Google it's called Reader)
4. Search for the Blog you wish to subscribe to (Hyundai Monday) and click add. Each day on your reader you will get our articles!

Voila! Your college kids will be proud!

I love to write articles to help you and I promise to include all things Hyundai, as well as:
  • Financing Help
  • Rebate information (more money in your pocket - or towards your car!)
  • Cool info about new cars
  • My personal test drive opinions
  • What other people are saying about Hyundai
  • Service issues (possibly service Coupons!)
  • Helping you understand Salesmen
  • Helping you save money

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shiny and Blue

Well, we can't hide it and because it's AUTO SHOW season this sucker is about to hit the streets. And it's calling Motherproof's Kristin Varela's name. Does it call yours?

The Hyundai Accent is coming to showroom floors soon! How exciting. Perfect timing for your baby going off to college, or a new grad going driving to the office everyday. Read Motherproof's Article and let us know what you think! Come on in and check out what we have in stock! Give us a few days.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Congrats, [College] Grads!

Welcome to the other side. In addition to all of the new clothes you must accumulate for the office (no more sponge-bob square pants PJ bottoms), you'll be needing some new wheels, right? Right.

Ok, don't stress. Hyundai has this great idea but the clock is tick-tocking. Hurry, read. Hyundai wants to give you a really cool graduation gift. They want you to pick any 2010 or 2011 Model Hyundai and they will give you an additional $400 on top of any current Hyundai Rebates, no down payment required and 90 days until first payment (sorry Connecticut and Pennsylvania residents this does not apply to you - Move to Texas!).

You will probably qualify:

  • you have graduated in the past 2 years or are on track to graduate in the next 6 months.

  • you are graduating from a 4-year university, accredited 2-year university, or Nursing School, Graduate school (pursuing masters or doctorate)

  • you can provide a copy of your beloved diploma or a letter from Registrars office stating you are set to graduate within 6 months

  • IF you can provide proof of employment (a paystub or a letter of employment) and Hyundai will help determine if that is enough to pay for your car.

Congratulations. Enjoy your delightful time of celebration and come on in to check out some new cars (that could soon be yours). And beware, this offer ends soon! And Tell us where you are graduating from. Me? I'm a life long, can't stop being a fan, OU hating, LONGHORN. Hook 'em!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Car for Money Now & More Money for Car Later

Oh, Hyundai, you are always coming up with new ways to make me smile. In a few short days (Prince William & Kate will be getting married!! but that's not what I'm writing about, no) Hyundai launches "Assurance Trade-In Value Guarantee." This program promises a trade-in value on new car purchases and it starts in May. Woo-hoo!

Details: This program affects all hyundai models from Accents to Veracruzes you can get what you like. Hyundai is offering all of the sweet benefits of a lease but has all the benefits of actual ownership. Back to the details....your car must be purchased at an Authorized Hyundai dealer and traded in within 24-48 months on a new Hyundai. Basically when you trade in your car it will be assessed. If market value is higher - you'll get that. If guaranteed trade in value is higher - you'll get that. Looks pretty safe to me. This program offers you the option of getting a sweet deal on your trade in, but you do not have to use it. It is, however, a really awesome opportunity. Especially for you car junkies out there who like to drive the coolest thing on the streets.

"Hyundai Assurance is a partnership with our owners in their purchase of a vehicle," said John Krafcik, president and CEO, Hyundai Motor America. "Depreciation is the single highest cost of car ownership. While Hyundai's depreciation is now among the lowest in the industry, Assurance will remove many of the barriers and concerns about vehicle ownership. Through Assurance, we share in our owners' investment, and the Trade-in Value benefit extends this partnership from the initial purchase all the way through what we hope will be the consumer's next purchase of another Hyundai."

So, ok, look into what car you want in May. Know you want to!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And now to talk about Japan.

Ugh, it's so terrible. Every time I turn on the news I'm blasted with devastating images. This time is tough for the Japanese people, with the continuing earthquakes and nuclear issues. And now the effects are splashing up on our shores. Buckle your seat belts, folks, it's going to be a rough summer (reel in Negative Nancy comments..) not only do we have [eyebrow] raising gas prices we will soon be facing car shortages. If you haven't seen the effects the earthquakes and tsunami have had on car manufacturing plants, maybe you shouldn't look. It's enough to make car lovers everywhere shed a tear for the new cars that are completely ruined.

You may rest easy tonight, though. If you were saving your pennies for a new Hyundai, chances are we will have exactly what you want. Hyundai's major plants are in Korea but now we have our US based plants running at full capacity with overtime shifts so that we will have no disruption in production.

Other car makers who have major plants in Japan have announced significant cutbacks. Expecting to be back to full production as early as July and as late as September. "In an internal document sent to dealers Friday, April 15, Toyota said it will keep building cars in Japan at half of the original schedule until June 3, which will cost the automaker another 120,000 vehicles in lost production." Some US based Toyota Dealership managers are expecting to be out of product by the end of May. Read this article from Automotive News for more information.

Here's the thing, all these problems are spiking up, and I'm here to tell you Hyundai is doing fine. We will be here to help you pick out the perfect car for your graduate, promise.

Please note: I couldn't even put pictures of the Tsunami effects on here, too devastating.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seating for how many?

Yes, that's right, 7.

Ugh, this car is AMAZING.

Meet the Hyundai Veracruz. This is my absolute favorite car. Probably because it looks so classy, but it could also be because it has a cooler in the center console. Or because it can hold 7 people, comfortably.

So as I continue my rant about Hyundai's other breathtaking vehicles. We call these beauties the crossovers. Grouped in with the Santa Fe, the Veracruz is the older brother. In the standard GLS package extravagance abounds:
  • back up warning (perfect for you parallel parkers)
  • 2nd row climate control, praise the Lord because we live in Texas
  • power sunroof
  • heated leather seats
  • cool blue mood lighting.
"There’s plenty to praise in the Veracruz: a pampering interior, velvety powertrain, good isolation from road noise, great utility and oodles of luxury for the dollar." --Veracruz Owner

Starting at $28,045 you'll be glad you browsed. Oh, please take one home for me!

To get you really hooked I will tell you that the rebate is $1000 rebate and if you finance with Hyundai you can get a 36 month loan for 0% APR and as much as 2.9% with a 72 month loan. Uh, yea, that's a sweet deal. Happy Sunday.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

SUV dream car.

Good morning All, amidst all of the gigantic praise we have received on the Elantra and Sonata (listen, we can tell it's working, because we have few on our lot, well done, you! no worries more are coming) I forgot to brag about our other cars.

Sure, sure Hyundai is known for their very appealing compacts but one of my favorites: The Santa Fe (yum). I have always wanted an SUV. Right now I'm dying to trade in my husbands car (which may or may not be a Camry-he bought it before we were married) and purchase something we can pack to the roof. We like to do outdoorsy stuff. Jeez, who doesn't? We live in Texas, so doesn't it just make sense?

Aside from making sense, hold onto your hats while I tell you all the luscious features and even hit you with some [delightfully reasonable] pricing. First I'll tell you that while reading about the 2011 Santa Fe I kept seeing that "Front Solar Glass Window" now comes standard, whatever that means. So...I looked it up! Found out from an article that solar glass helps us Texans stay cool in the summer by reducing heat gain through the window, but at the same time maximizes the sun's energy to reduce your car's energy cost. Cool. Aside from that your Standard GLS package comes with:
  • BLUETOOTH! hands free phone! Oprah will be proud.
  • iPod/USB/Aux Plug, listen to whatever you heart desires...loudly
  • Audio controls on the steering wheel (again, with the Oprah pride)
  • Roof Rack
  • 5 stars on NHTSA's frontal and side crash tests.
  • 17" Alloy Wheels (so sassy)
  • Wood grain trim
Bottom Lines:
  • Pricing starts at $21,845 for the base manual transmission
  • Clock in at $23,145 for the GLS automatic package
  • Work our way up to $26,145 for the SE package
  • And finally we land at $27,195 for the Limited
  • **disclaimer: you can go higher than this if you so desire the Navigation and back up camera. But the highest, tip-top price is only $30,845.
And you thought you couldn't afford one. Ha. Come on. Call us, you know you want to!! Or just browse them yourself. But who doesn't want a new SUV for summertime. Pile in those kids!

I forgot to tell you. This month, there is a $2,000 rebate available for the car if you finance with Hyundai. ($1,000 if you finance elsewhere or pay cash) and if you finance through Hyundai you could get an APR as low as 1.9% (as high as 4.9% which is still better than my 5.8%).
So, honestly, we'll see you soon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Appearance Matters. It shows you our opinion of you.

It is a rarity to find such a delightful article. Most places write with sarcasm or include other cars into the review. But here is a fully loaded, deliciously tasteful article on the Hyundai Elantra. I know I know there has been lots of praise. But maybe, just maybe this article will send you over the edge and just force you to come in and buy one for you, your spouse, or your almost graduate.

What I like about it: Not only does it praise and praise and praise the Elantra but the article also slams other writers that get a little nit-picky.

"I have read complaints elsewhere that the new Elantra’s cabin materials are less than premium. That strikes me as silly griping — slamming what is excellent in homage to more costly perfection.

This is, after all, the 2011 Hyundai Elantra — an economy car with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $14,830 for the base GLS, $17,080 for the mid-line GLS PZEV, and $19,980 for the top-of-the-line Limited PZEV. That’s not exactly luxury strata pricing."

(PZEV stands for Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle, I had to look it up too)

Come on people, this is a serious deal. And now, I'll leave you with bits of praise to read.

"The Elantra’s front end is sculpted with the care of a Lamborghini. It has all of the appearance of an exotic, much more expensive automobile. Yet it has none of the persona of cheap jewelry or fake Rolex watches sold on the streets of Seoul in South Korea or Shanghai in China. What is there is real, intended, carefully fitted and exceptionally well-executed.

More delight is found inside, where many car companies often go overboard in their attempt to conceal the humble origins of what is being offered. But in the new Elantra, there is thoughtfulness and harmony. The elegant yet strong and flowing lines of the car’s body also find comfortable residence in its cabin."

COMPARED TO A LAMBORGHINI! Slam, take that, [insert other car maker name here]!

OK OK, come try out your new Lamborghini-esque sculpted Elantra today.

Read my review too, it'll help.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What is everyone looking at?

Most Read Articles (I hate feeling left out, so I'll post what is popular). Catch Up Day!

1. Hyundai Vel-Ahhh-ster. A deliciously honest review of the New 3-door (and I'm not talking hatchback) Hyundai Veloster due to come out late this year.

2. Expect the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid in Early Spring. Why are we waiting so long for the arrival of the highly anticipated Hybrid? Read why here...

3. Asterisk Abuse. Not your momma's commuter car. I seriously love this roomy compact.

4. Trade in your junker for $3000...hurry before September. Because who doesn't want $3000. See if you meet the requirements here.

5. How Many Clowns Can Your Car Fit? Ever wondered about the Physics of the clown car? Wonder no longer. Read here. And there you have it, ladies & gentlemen. The most clicked on. Happy reading, enjoy staying up to snuff!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Right Side Up & Upside Down

My dad always told me, "don't be upside down on your car." Honestly, I never knew what it meant. My guess is that a lot of people are like me.

What does it mean to be upside down?? Well, literally, it makes me think of Six Flags rides: hanging upside down feeling like your eyes might pop out. But in the car world, it means an ENTIRELY different thing. Being upside down is
owing more on your car than it's worth.

Once you purchase a car, the value depreciates with you being either the first or second owner. It is not worth as much to the next person. Also putting miles on your car lowers it price. But, listen, if we spent our lives trying not to put miles on a car, it'd be pretty lame. Drive your car! It is what its there for.

This does NOT apply to you if:
  • you paid cash for your car and did not get involved in a loan
  • you have already paid off your car
  • if you HAVE the title to your car
What your car is worth is determined by a number of things. Ready?
  • outside look (dents, scratches, do you have all of your hubcaps?, are you driving on a donut? hail damage, cracked windows, etc)
  • interior (stains, scratches, poked holes in ceiling, trash, etc)
  • MILEAGE: this is probably the biggest one. If you have had your car for 2 years and have run it into the ground, even though it's "new" in time, it will be worth half of what you paid for it
  • maintenance: try to present as much info as possible, past oil changes, any repairs on the car, tire bills, etc. if your car has a check engine light on, consider getting it repaired.
**please note: many of these things are fixable. You can help the price of your car with a little elbow grease and a little sweat equity! What you CAN do:
  • put a large down payment on your car
  • keep a short loan term (36 months! this will ensure you pay off your car quickly)
  • pay more on your car each month (personal story: Bought a HYUNDAI SONATA summer of 2009, got a 60 month term and am about to finish paying it off this summer, because my payment was $150.32/month and I have been paying anywhere from $200-$550 on it a month - Woohoo!!)
  • Read this article from - it will help you better understand the ins and outs of finances.
  • Purchase a Hyundai, our cars are not as expensive as other leading brands. Luxury wrapped in value is what some have said.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gas Prices make your Car Nervous

This morning as I sipped on my coffee and watched my favorite show: The Today Show. I responded with an eyebrow raise while watching the section on rising gas prices in not only the DFW area, but...well, everywhere. It's strange to think, "oooh, that's a good price" for $3.49 a gallon with my Kroger card. And then, panic stricken, I thought of the Summer of 2008 when I drove a pick up truck and gas was $4.50 or something ridiculous like that, and I felt like I filled up 3x's a week.

After doing some research I've found a few tips on how to keep your bank account in the clear while continuing to drive...sit tight.

A news station in Beaumont KFDM clocked in with some very helpful info...

"The state average increased by eight cents over the past week to $3.51 [uhhh, yikes] a gallon for regular unleaded, while the national average rose six cents to $3.61. In Texas, Fort Worth has the most expensive gasoline at $3.58 a gallon, which is 14 cents higher than last week. Dallas is not far behind at $3.57 [congratulations us], up 13 cents in a week."


• summer blend gas. this blend of gas burns cleaner in warmer weather and reduces air pollution. This can cause a 10-15 cent raise, but this happens every summer.

• Oil prices continue their upward climb. they hit as much as $2 a barrel, which is the highest they've been since September 2008.

• Unrest in Libya, Crisis in Japan...our world is in a bit of turmoil, expect gas prices to probably continue to rise.

I do have good news, though. Some tips to keep your vehicle as fuel efficient as possible.

Drive the speed limit. Studies show that driving between 45-60 mph can increase your car's fuel efficiency by 23% Wow!

Clean out the trunk. An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle could reduce your fuel efficiency by up to 2 percent. And who likes that junk back there anyway?

If you have a GPS, use it before you start driving. Plan the quickest and shortest distance to your destination. Some GPS even have "green" routes - most fuel efficient routes.

Maintain your tire pressure at the recommended level. If you drive a Hyundai and exclamation point will appear [!] if your tires need some serious air. keep your eyes peeled!

Get a Hyundai Elantra! 40 miles per gallon. seriously.

So then, maybe you should trade in your pick up - like I did - and consider driving a more fuel efficient car that you don't need to skimp on. Click here to see our inventory.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How Many Clowns Can Your Car Fit?

Case Cracked: Finally we know how you can fit all of those clowns into cars! Thank you Car and Driver for posting this article! And I thought I might go all of my life without learning that. High Points of Interest for Your Next Dinner Party:

  • there are no trap doors in clown cars

  • the car is fully functional

  • all of the interior is removed (in fact the driver sits on a milk crate

  • there are actual mathematical equations to figure the Maximum Clown Hilarity (MCH)

I've told you enough to peak your interest, now read the article and find your next clown car at Eckert Hyundai. If you can fit 40 clowns into the new Ford Focus, I think we might be alarmed at what the Accent or the Elantra could cram.

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