Monday, January 31, 2011

Hyundai Vel-Ahhh-ster

I have never known or cared about the Detroit Auto Show...until now.

Seeing the cars that Hyundai plans to release excites my inner car nerd. But this car probably pushes me to the max. The Veloster is expected to be released in late summer/early fall 2011.

First of all it has 3 doors, which is crazy and reminds me of the movie Back to the Future. And I do not mean "3-door" - one door on each side and a hatchback. I'm talking two doors on the passenger side, one door on the drivers side. Cool. Not only does it take new leaps in the exterior but the price is phenomenally low for the coupe/hatchback/sedan...starting price is clocking in around $17,000. Wowzers.

The nitty gritty details include:
  • dual clutch transmission
  • direct injected 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine
  • Bluelink system which allows you to stream Pandora, text message, and update your facebook & twitter accounts all with voice control (WHILE YOU DRIVE)
  • a promised 40 mpg in US driving
So now that the Auto Show is packing its bags for next year, I will continue to wonder what Hyundai has coming out next year. The cool thing? You can take peeks from time to time of what Hyundai is working on...Look HERE at future car concepts.

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