Monday, December 26, 2011

Charming Mutations.

Did you know that every 14 seconds someone in America drives off a dealership lot with a "small" car?

This article shows you that small doesn't have to mean predictable, lame or boxy.  In today's society everyone is downsizing.  Better gas mileage means less stops to the gas pump and more bang for your buck.  And we all know, small cars equal better gas mileage.  But who says that just because you drive something small it has to be a boring Corolla?  Not me.  

"...the Veloster is truly novel. The reverse-wedge roofline, the squat rear end, and the wide stance create an aggressiveness never before seen in Hyundai styling. That dynamic promise is carried through in details like the tall rear apron, the cantilevered roof, and the center-exit exhaust. The polarizing face -- quite possibly derived from an employee pumpkin-carving contest -- makes the profile and rear-quarter views the Veloster's most flattering. Those angles also reveal the Veloster's charming mutation: three doors. On the passenger's side, there are two conventional, front-hinged doors, while the driver's side has a single, longer door."  --Eric Tingwall, Automobile Magazine

Just thinking aloud here, but you really ought to come in and check out our stock of Velosters

Monday, December 19, 2011

Winterize Your Vehicle

Check your Antifreeze.  
Antifreeze is coolant that doesn't freeze, antifreeze keeps your engine from turning into an ice block. If you try driving on a frozen engine you will have a broken car and will have to spend your Christmas money to buy a new engine or vehicle.  Since your vehicle contains a mixture of half antifreeze, half water, you want to make sure your car is full and the mixture is as close to 50/50 as possible.  Good news: most repair shops will check this for free.

Tire Safety
Winter, of all times, is the worst to be cheap about your tires.  Who has used the penny test? That is what i have always heard was the tried and true way to check tire pressure.  Well, seems that the National Highway Transportation Safety Board (whew, long name!) says different.  If your penny test is just passing your tires are not winter ready.  Try a quarter test.  It's the right size for safety. Watch this video, it might help!

Replace those Wipers
For some reason I, as a silly college Freshman, thought wipers lasted forever (or just the life of your car).  Ha.  There comes a time when wipers get so worn out the only thing they are good for are smearing much on your windshield...good luck seeing through that.  In the winter we drive on a lot of sand, salt and dirt to keep the roads safe.  This stuff WILL end up on your windshield.  Do you have the wipers you need to keep up visibility?

Fill up on Windshield Fluid
other cars on the road kick up lots of extra junk leaving your windshield looking...grimy.  Make sure you have wiper fluid so that you can keep your windshield dazzling and this helps make the wiper jobs so much easier.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Polishing your headlights. Why it matters.

Ever asked yourself why you can't see farther than a couple of car lengths ahead of you?
Is one of your low beams burned out? Nope.
Is it foggy out? No.

Check out your headlights: are the assemblies frosted over?  Not just with dirt or grime but with a cloudy fog, like a mirror post shower...might need to call the pros for this one....

Why?  The outside surface of your headlight is made of polycarbonate plastic (like eye glasses).  Polycarbonate plastic is helpful - resistant to stones and chips and other things flying into the front of your car.  Good thing too, because you don't want your headlights cracking with every bug, rock and piece of gravel that flies at you on the open road. BUT! A few years of exposure to sunlight and chemicals in the atmosphere - polycarbonate can get hazy, foggy and dirty. Bummer.
These assemblies can be easy to replace but are ridiculously expensive...sometimes upwards of a thousand dollars. Yikes.  Lucky for you, Eckert Hyundai can polish these headlights without emptying your piggy bank.

FYI:  This process can take us about an hour, and $65.  BUT! If you join our monthly e-mail newsletter, you can receive a coupon for this headlight polish for $25.  Generous, I know.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Best Resale Value

All you Tucson owners, perk up your ears. 
According to a recent press release, the Hyundai Tucson was named one of Kelley Blue Book's Top Ten 2012 Best Resale Value Vehicles.  Not to mention Hyundai is the home of the Trade-In Value Guarantee which helps you feel supported.  Read what this exciting news:

Kelley Blue Book's annual Best Resale Value Awards recognize current and forthcoming vehicles for their projected retained value throughout the initial five-year ownership period.  Since depreciation (or loss of value) is typically a car buyer's primary expense during ownership, these awards are designed to help consumers make more informed car-buying decisions.
"Tucson does an excellent job of artfully combining state-of-the-art safety features, design and affordability, allowing it to retain a high value throughout the course of ownership," said Mike O'Brien, vice president, Product and Corporate Planning, Hyundai Motor America. "Hyundai is proud to offer its Trade-In Value Guarantee as part of Hyundai Assurance and this program is made possible due to the strength of Hyundai vehicles' residual values, like the Tucson."
The Trade-In Value Guarantee is the newest addition to the Hyundai Assurance suite of programs. It eliminates concern about depreciation by giving Hyundai owners a guaranteed value for their vehicle in months 24 through 48 of ownership.
The 2012 Tucson is one of the smartest compact crossover choices available, delivering better fuel economy and range for consumers needing the utility of a CUV without sacrificing fuel efficiency. The Tucson improved fuel efficiency of up to an estimated 32 miles per gallon on the highway can be attributed to a new Active ECO System, low rolling resistance silica tires, high efficiency air conditioning and a larger capacity fuel tank. The Tucson also features safety technologies as standard equipment such as Downhill Brake Control (DBC) and Hillstart Assist.


Read more here!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cooler Weather and Tire Pressure.

Friday morning, I was warmly welcomed in my 2008 Hyundai Sonata with a (!).

What does that mean?  An exclamation seems critical and urgent!!  I sat on edge all the way to work, a whopping four miles.  Luckily, I work at Eckert Hyundai and they immediately pulled it into service.  Not a worry.  My tire pressure dropped with the cooler morning weather and the handy service team aired them up.  The best part?  FREE!  And not just for me, folks!  
If all you need is some air they'll check out your tires to make sure there are no serious problems and air them up, if there is not.  All while you enjoy hot coffee, a cozy couch, cable TV and free wifi.
Sounds good to me...

Want to know why this happens?  
Me too.

Cool temperatures in fall, winter and, let's face it, the occasional spring months, causes the air in your tires to contract.  And your poor tires will fluctuate pressure.  You have GOT to ensure proper air pressure so your tires have optimal traction on those [sometimes] icy roads.  When the temperatures rapidly decline your air pressure will also rapidly decrease.

This website tells you to check tire pressure often.  Lucky for you, Hyundai installed the light on the dashboard for the convenience.  No crawling around in the cold to check tire pressure!  
However you may want to check the tire pressure on your spare tire if you are hitting the road! 
Happy Monday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Foggy Morning Window Ideas


Is everybody ready for Thanksgiving, because it's creepin up real fast! All this change in weather has created some pretty foggy driving conditions, particularly on my windows.  It's the worst when you have to rush out to work and you can't see anything.  Not to mention dangerous.

The Basics
All air has moisture in it, "humidity."  The higher humidity, the more fog.  Fog happens on  your windshield when humid air comes into contact with a cold surface, the moisture condenses and comes out of the air onto your windshield.  This can happen on a rainy day, after a rainy day or when a warmer morning comes after a cool night.

Inside vs Outside
This is easy!  If your condensation occurs on the outside of your car you can use the windshield wipers, a rag or a squeegee to get the excess water off.  Slide your other windows up & down, this will help eliminate the condensation after a dewy morning.
The key to eliminating moisture on the inside is reducing moisture in the air.  Using the recirculation setting on the temperature control system for a long period of time will probably make the problem try to avoid its usage.  Make your car cabin a little bit cooler than you'd like and this will help you too!  If the air is drier inside your car - use recirculation, if drier outside, vent ( down).

Other than mentioned above, you can purchase chemical solutions that leave water repellent on glass surfaces, making accumulation on glass minimal.  What a way to start your morning!
The basic idea is getting warmer, drier air onto your windows to make the fog disappear.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Veloster + Pandora = Awesome.

So, I know, I cant stop talking about the Veloster.  But last night something came up in conversation with friends and after being bombarded with questions, I thought I'd do some research. And share. 

Everyone seems to be talking about this new car and it's awesome features.  This car is seriously targeted at those of us in the "digital age."  You know, the ones Oprah begs to bag their phones while at the wheel, yea, me too.  So aside from Bluelink, this puppy is chock-full of coolness.

When you purchase a new Veloster you get awesome standard features, such as the first Bluelink package, which is much like OnStar on steriods, and this car also offers Pandora as a FREE and STANDARD feature.  Wow.

You know Pandora?
It's the "radio" that only plays songs you like.  Seriously, if you don't like it they will say, "we're sorry, we'll never play anything like that again," how thoughtful.  I also find it important to share that I'm currently listening to it and it's the perfect work and driving (and cleaning and jogging) music to narrarate your life.

All you have to do is connect your iPhone to the dash and you can stream Pandora live through your blue tooth while you drive.  Cool.

"Veloster is a fun-to-drive, three-door coupe that exemplifies Hyundai's commitment to offering drivers the latest and greatest in-vehicle connectivity and technology," said Scott Margason, director Product Planning, Hyundai Motor America.  "Having Pandora internet radio easily accessible in the Veloster enhances the drive experience, allowing Veloster customers to listen to their favorite music everywhere they go."

Monday, November 7, 2011

Do you have an Accent?

"Easy to own.  Easy on the eyes."  --Scott Sturgis, The Inquirer

The Hyundai Accent has gone through a massive redesign.  This Korean compact is not a boring box and it doesn't look as inexpensive as it is.  What we all hope for. 
The 1.6 liter, 4 cylinder engine gets the vehicle rocking and the 6-speed manual is easy to shift and has a good feel.  The interior has a non-compact feel.  No cheapy plastic here.  And the Storage: the word "compact"  might scare you away.  But the trunk space will win you back over.  
Try this- take a road trip with your two kids, luggage and snacks galore...
 you will find you are quite comfortable.  
Oh wait, I guess you'll have to buy this car first.  
The 40 mpg and the fun drive are calling your name!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Veloster Fans

"The Veloster comes with 3 passenger doors and offers that sweet spot where affordability meets fuel economy meets styling" 

This slick new redesign is making heads turn.  
Eco conscious 1.6 liter engine that expels 138 horsepower makes an environmentally friendly engine delivering 40 mpg on the highway and 28 in the city - and it's not even a hybrid.  

Not to mention this baby is packed with standard features and Bluelink [the safety, information & entertainment subscription service].  And if something should happen to your distinguished new hatchback, Hyundai has the BEST warranty.  We've got your back. 
5 year/60,000 mile limited manufacturer's warranty
10 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Rip-roaring Hyundai

"Rip-roaring Hyundai is doing things right in all of the automotive categories it competes in - and that applies to the substantial 2012 revisions for it's low-key, but hardly low-rent, Genesis 'luxury sedan'" - Bill Visnic, Motor Matters of the SF Gate

This luxury sedan offers lots of sophistication and power for the price - starting at $34,200.  
The 3.8 liter, 6 cylinder boosted the horsepower from 290 to 333 from last year.  And, come on, who doesn't like more power?  Let's just say you can't imagine buying a luxury sedan without a V8 Engine, don't worry, we've got that for you too.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Owner Loyalty

I have to say, I'm not surprised.  The more I drive around, the more I spot Hyundai vehicles. 

Kelley Blue Book just announced that Hyundai is #1 for owner loyalty for the second consecutive quarter.  

Hyundai has upheld it's number 1 position in brand loyalty, which I felt the need to look up.  Brand loyalty is defined as the situation in which a consumer generally buys the same manufacturer - originated product or service repeatedly over time rather than buying from multiplier suppliers within the same category. There, that's better, now we all know the lingo.  This means, you love your Hyundai and you want to buy another.  That's true for me too. Got my eye on a Santa Fe

"American consumers are so happy with their Hyundais that they put it at the top of the brand loyalty list, according to Motor Trend"

Here's why this might have happened. 
-the creation of delightful new products
-100,000 mile warranty program
-vehicle improvements in styling
-high level of quality for a lower cost

This jump is mildly historic for Hyundai, we're expecting to stay at the Top!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Commuters Beware!

Have we got the perfect cars for you.  With the gray fall weather coming, we know what you're thinking, "no more vacations."  you've got to sit at the desk from 9-5, at least until Christmas.  What could possibly make this better?  Something awesome to drive home.  

The Smart Buy
This 5-door "compact" lets you have the versatility of a station wagon with the gas efficiency of a teensy compact.  The 40 MPG will let you save money on gas without forcing you to compromise style and I'd say it looks even snazzier in the kiwi green.  Hyundai Accent starting at (4-door) $13,205 and (5-door) $15,355 

The Stylist
The Elantra is a size upgrade from the Accent but retains the same MPG.  40.  40 miles per gallon means you can get to and from work on a gallon.  Talk about the penny pincher.  But with heated rear and front seats, leather interior and a smart blue link, no one will know about your penny pinching habits.  you can stop and go all the way from  your door to your desk.  Still under $20,000.

The I-Just-Want-to-Bring-it-All-With-Me
Ever not wanted to unload your car after the kids soccer game or the trip to the outdoor concert?  Well, now you don't have to.  Leave everything just as it is, for next weekend.  Take this baby to and from work and your car will be your best friend.  The Elantra Touring starting at just over $18,000 and giving your 30 MPG this station wagon will have you smiling for years to come.

The Crowd Pleaser
 The Sonata has gotten all sorts of praise from Drivers all over the world.  Want to find out why?  
Not only is it priced to please but this undeniably roomy sedan has lots of space for you,  your goods, and your big family.  The styling is new and makes you feel like a million bucks for just around $20,000.  And the MPG stays well maintained at 34 MPG.  Happy now?

The Mountaineer
This car is more fuel efficient that the Honda CR-V and Rav4.  It has an MPG of 31 and costs around $20,000.  It is a top safety pick and has your name written all over it.  Not only will you see above the crowd in this one but you'll be styling all the way to work.  Enjoy!

The Car-Pooler
The Hyundai Santa Fe is designed for heavy lifting without sacrificing basic essentials. Starting at around $23,000 this SUV has a versatile interior and a handsome, athletic exterior.  Designed to carry you and your friends to work with a hop, skip and a jump.  

Monday, October 3, 2011

Teen Driving.

 Considering buying the baby a car for their upcoming birthday?
Here are some interesting things to consider.
  • Look for a car that minimizes the odds for an accident & if an accident occurs - your driver will incur minimal harm
  • Inexperience can lead to lots of problems - it can take a long time to master driving in wind, rain, ice & snow, and since we can't all move to Arizona, help your teen choose a reliable car that won't keep you awake worrying about it having problems.
  • A CAR is the best choice.  With good visibility and lower chance of fishtailing & spin outs.  
  • A BIG car is an even better choice.  Heavy and large leads to safer driving.
  • Make sure that the car is completely roadworthy.  If you are not mechanically inclined have someone take a look at the tires, battery, spark plugs, even the windshield wipers will help assist in clarity.
  • A car dated 2005 or later will usually have great airbags - which clearly offer more security and safety.  If you feel a smaller car is the best (or only) choice for your teen, get one with great airbags.  
  • Here's an interesting thought:  purchasing a car with manual transmission could be a great option.  This will teach your child responsible driving (it is even required in Europe).  The automatic transmission cars can be often too easy to drive, resulting in speeding and irresponsible behind the wheel behavior.  A manual transmission will help your child focus.  
    • On the new Hyundai Veloster the Dual Clutch Transmission (which is manual) mimics an automatic transmission in that it anticipates what gear you will use next making the manual transmission a smoother ride - and a cheaper option too.    
With all of that said, come browse our used & new cars.  
I'm sure your new teen driver will have fun looking through all of our options!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

What to do: Car Accident

Oh no, terrible feelings are usually tied to car accidents.  Our minds just don't think clearly when we are squished into another car.  And it just feels like no car accident comes at the right time.

I have researched this brain tangling problem & come up with some helpful tips.
  • This seems trivial but try to think clearly.  Take a few deep breaths and wrap your brain around what happened before hopping out of your car and being confronted with the opposing driver.
  • Determine the extent of damage or injuries:  anyone need immediate medical attention?
  • Try to file an accident report with the police. Even if it's just a fender bender & do not leave the scene until police file full report.  Please note:  if in Texas the police will not come to the scene if both cars are drivable and no one is injured, unless they see it happen (which happened to me)
    • Something I wish I had done: gotten the police officers names, district numbers and badge numbers.  They told me the other driver was at fault but couldn't file a report and then left...guess who ended up paying: me
  • Get the facts:  write down your interpretation of what happened at the accident.  Then get names, addresses, phone numbers of EVERYONE involved in the accident (passengers, drivers, passerby-ers that stopped), description of cars and license plate numbers, insurance company (make sure their insurance is not expired), company number and VIN # of car(s) involved.
  • Call your insurance agent as soon as possible, even at the scene.  There is usually a 1-800 number you can call 24/7.  
Sometimes people are hoping that the insurance companies will pay top dollar to help repair their car.  This, sadly, is usually not the case.  Total Loss has a slim-to-none  likelihood of happening to you.  The definition of a totaled car is when the cost to fix is more than the value of their car.  To consider the value of your car your insurance company will asses pre-loss condition + options (stereos, Ltd edition, sunroof, etc) + mileage.  

Here are some useful websites for your review: Texas Drivers Handbook & Car Accident Checklist

If you're car isn't totally paid off yet, this is where Gap Insurance comes in handy.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Long awaited arrival: Veloster

It's here!  We couldn't be more excited.  Finally this car has come to fruition after months of waiting.

driver side : one door

passenger side : 2 doors

push start engine, xm radio & blue link

back up camera : this might be my favorite feature

stylized front with panoramic sunroof

Alright, come on in and schedule your test drive at Eckert Hyundai!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hyundai Veloster

Drooling yet?  I am. 

Our brand new 2012 Hyundai Veloster comes out soon!  We will be getting a few of these before you know it.

For now, can I tell you my favorite parts?  (are you sitting?)
  • Secret door - I know, everyone loves a good secret.  This is not a suicide door, these doors are set up just like a normal sedan.  But they are only on one side.  No more awkward exits for your friends that sacrificially sit in the back seat.  Everyone will want to ride with you and it's ok because you have...
  • 40 MPG on the Highway!  This is one of Hyundai's 4 cars with 40 MPG on the highway.  I love choices, don't you?
  • Lately I feel like I have been doing double takes at hatchbacks.  The extra room would sure be nice when we take trips.  Well, not only do you get the vanity of a sports car, but you get the practicality of a hatchback.  Without really acting like you have a practical bone in your body. 
  • Panoramic Sunroof Please.  Really get a tan, see the stars or daydream stoplights. 
  • Best-in-Class Interior for "compact sporty car segment."  Another step in the right direction of practicality. 
  • Blue Link.

So come check the Hyundai Veloster out at Eckert Hyundai.  You'll never want to leave.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Blue Link Favorites

Some time ago I wrote a post about Blue Link, Hyundai's new "easy-to-use system, which provides owners and drivers with the information and connectivity they need for a richer, more convenient, and more secure driving experience...offering over 30 different features aimed towards...simplifiying your life."  Thursday, March 3, when I wrote the article we didn't even have cars that offered this feature.

Lucky for you, now we do.  The 2012 Hyundai Sonata, 2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and 2012 Hyundai Veloster.  Sadly we do not have the last two in our lot yet.  But they'll be rolling in soon.  And you can bet your bottom dollar we are excited.   We do have the 2012 Sonata, quite a few.

So for now, I feel compelled to share with you my favorite features of Blue Link.  But for more information I HIGHLY suggest you check out this website.   Then look at Eckert Hyundai & see which of your favorite cars have Blue Link, and check often for updates!  Happy Labor Day!
Daily Route Guidance  :  allows you to pre-design several different routes to your regular designations, you can  avoid traffic congestion on all of your pre-selected routes to get you where you need to go safely AND on time.
 POI Web Search  :  allows you to search for points of interests, business and addresses without stopping to ask for directions!

Eco-Coach    :monitors your vehicle's mileage and emissions on a continual and historical basis and offers recommendations to help promote better fuel efficiency.  

Monday, August 29, 2011

Veracruz, not the city.

"This is my third SUV. I've owned the Toyota 4Runner and Sequoia. I'm much happier with the Veracruz! I just made a trip to Oklahoma City from St Louis. I averaged 22.5 mpg. A lot better than the Sequoia's average 15 mpg! The ride is smooth and quiet. My friend came along and brought a mobility scooter. It fit in the back perfect, plus left enough room for luggage. It took awhile for the car to cool down in the 95 degree heat of Ok City, but the a/c is very good. I can't make up anyone's mind about a Korean automobile, but I'm very happy with the Veracruz. Best of luck to any of you considering an SUV." --Happy Veracruz Owner,

"If you want a loaded-up, smooth riding midsize family SUV, it's harder to find to find one at a better price than the Veracruz." --more happy customers, Business Week

"From the soft-touch materials to the superb fit and finish, the new Veracruz seven-seat crossover has an interior that feels expensive and luxurious like no other
Hyundai cabin ever has." -- Automobile Magazine.

So, don't take my word for it. But anytime we ever play that game,
I choose this one. It has wonderful seating, compares to the likes of a Lexus in terms of look and feel, but the price won't leave you wishing you had saved for your kid's college fund instead of blowing it on a car. So, that's a plus.

Come on in and look at this puppy, because you know, with Labor Day coming, cars are on the brain.

Monday, August 22, 2011

in·dulge: Genesis Sedan


[in-duhlj]-verb1. to yield to an inclination or desire; to allow oneself to follow one's will'2. to yield to, satisfy or gratify3. to yield to the wishes or whims of
ll (usually followed by in)

Dear friends, today I spent some quality time deep in the Genesis sedan. I kid you not, when I push started the car with the proximity key, classical music came on. Seriously? This car is smooth from head to toe, inside and outside. The car I drove was a delicious creamy white, waiting just outside the door for me. I slid onto the leather seats and was greeted with extreme luxury. Everything whipped itself into shape for my long legs and we were ready to go. With the opening of the sunroof I was in love. I have always wanted a car with a sunroof. And a rear shaded window. And leather heated seats, and navigation. Yikes! The list goes on.

Not to mention this month there are great specials, like low leases and 0% APR financing and $1,500 with a trade in. Jeez, what more do we need to do?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Maintenance managed

Recently I got back from a 2 week trip (supervising college students rehab homes in New Orleans) and my Hyundai Sonata was dead as a door nail. Found a friendly neighbor to help jump start our no avail. Faulty cables was the problem because when neighbor #2 came out later with cables, Sonata came bolting back to life. Good thing, because we needed groceries.

I really dislike anything revolving around the realm of maintenance or service of my car. I feel uneducated. So today, I did some research and am here to help you and me not feel dumb.

First of all, maintenance will always pay off in the long run. We can help you catch small problems before they come wildly expensive, I'm-going-on-a-roadtrip-tomorrow problems. Been there. Let us help.

Ok, but here are a few things that will need to be checked up.

1. Motor oil (duh). Actually when I went to college, I didn't know you were supposed to get oil a nut shell, your oil degrades overtime and can easily become contaminated with debris. Everyone needs oil changes and usually if you get one, the service center will let you know when to come back, follow their rules.

2. Air filters. I feel like the people at Jiffy Lube always tell me I need to change my filter. While the service men at Eckert Hyundai never say that...unless I do (one time in 2 years). It's just like the air filter in your home it must be replaced so that your car can breath freely and generate power in the way it was designed to do.

3. TIRES. Ask to get your tires rotated every other oil change, or so. This can save you from having to buy new tires. Which are quite the investment. And will help you from sliding around like an ice skater in the rain.

4. Brakes: you can't a price tag on stopping, trust me. So you might consider trusting the noises that come out of your car to remind you to get your brakes changed. If they erode too far, metal on metal will start scratching, which is less than pleasant.

5. Wiper Blades: The wiper blades offered for Hyundai's here at Eckert Hyundai have a sticker on them that fade with time, when the blade sticker turns red, it's time for new wipers. Not that you cant tell from the way they no longer get water off of your windshield.

the information on this article was obtained from and magazine.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Consumer Reports. Best Cars.

No big deal or anything, but Hyundai Elantra got named Consumer Reports' Best Small Car of 2011.

"Redesigned for 2011, the Elantra delivers a lot for the money. With its makeover, this well-rounded sedan is now more stylish and engaging to drive. The Elantra provides fairly nimble handling; a decent ride, a smooth, responsive powertrain; a well-finished interior; and a relatively roomy rear seat. It's also miserly on gas, achieving 29 mpg overall in our tests and 39 mpg on the highway. We expect this new model to be as reliable as the previous one.
Price: $18,445." --Consumer Reports Magazine

Monday, August 1, 2011

I Have $15,000.

Ha, I wish I had that problem.

Sometimes we get our little nest egg built up and want to know what the best solution for our money is. Well, you have a few options. And I'll pepper the options with my opinion, don't you worry.

First, within our website we have the option of searching just cars under $10K. That would be my first choice. There's nothing wrong with getting a new [to you] car, driving something that has been a little worn in. It's like shoes that don't give you blisters anymore. It's been driven and probably loved.

If you want to spend your savings, check out this fun car that I found. I almost bought one last year.

Second, we have several new cars that will fit in your price range, no joke. If you're willing to go manual, we can REALLY work with you.

  • A 4-door manual 2012 Hyundai Accent starts at a jaw dropping $13,205.
  • A 5-door manual 2012 Hyundai Accent starts at $15,355 (this is my current personal favorite car, I'm loving hatchbacks, they make me happy)
And thirdly, we can always work this $15K into a wowzer of a down payment. This would knock off a huge amount and banks will be rather impressed, this leaves all of the options available to you. All used and new inventory. Give them a look, I know you're intrigued.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Service Center Dilemmas - SOLVED

I know, I know, I'm pretty sure we all feel unsure when we drop our car off to get serviced. Whether it's for an oil change, an inspection or your car is sputtering into the service bay. We have all been there.

Let me educate you on what to do with your precious car.

When it comes to service there are lots of options. You could take your car to the super center around the corner and shop while you wait, you could take it to the service center near your house and sit in a shabby waiting room and watch Judge Judy while you wait or you could bring it into Eckert Hyundai and perhaps swing a loaner car while you wait, if not, cozy up in our waiting room, use the free wi-fi or watch hi def TV while you recline on a large leather sofa and drink freshly brewed coffee. Doesn't really sound like a question to me.

Aside from the accommodations, which might be the last thing on your mind, the dealer can offer you well-trained personnel, factory replacement parts, state of the art tools, precise diagnosis, not to mention a customer reward system and offering parts under warranty. Let me explain. Let's say you take your new-er Sonata to a mom'n'pop service place where they replace a coil on your car. If the coil (that may not be meant for a Hyundai) begins to then wear on your car causing too much electricity through, and blows some plugs, not only can we not replace your coil under warranty anymore, but anything that it effects. Because it's not a Hyundai part, Hyundai is no longer willing to stand behind that product,'s not ours.

On a sidenote, there is a rumor cycling around that service dealers have a high turn over rate. Our longest term tech is 8 years and our newest employee is about to hit his 1 year mark. Sounds pretty reliable to me..So I asked the service center. Here's what I got: "There are a lot of Dealer Service centers that have a high turn over rate because they treat their service techs and advisers poorly, Eckert Hyundai is not one of those places. Eckert Hyundai believes in longevity, they believe in keeping their people; keeping them trained and keeping them happy." -Kyle Bengel , Eckert Hyundai Service Adviser (3 years and counting).

If you absolutely hate the phone, check out our new online appointment maker.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to School: Cars Edition

As summer is winding down, this time next month we will be flocking to the stores for pencils and notebooks. We are hoping you'll see the need for a new car for your new driver or your brand new college student!

Hyundai has a history of being one of the best back to school cars out there. Just look here:

Personal Opinion. The 2012 Hyundai Accent. It's a beauty. The new styling is jaw dropping and as you can see, they added an extra set of doors on the hatchback. WHICH, is making a huge come back. Not only that, but this puppy has 40 MPG on the highway, 30 in the city, giving it a combined 34 MPG. I know that will save those ramen noodle-eating college students some hard earned cash. It also has an eco-shift which modifies the engine for added fuel economy. Lots of safety features, lots of space and lots of savings make this car my personal choice for the 2011 Back to School Car List at Eckert Hyundai.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thoughts on Car Buying

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there"
-- Lewis Carroll

Here's the thing, a lot of time people stroll into the dealership and have no idea what they want. Big, small, blue, beige, sunroof, limited, GLS. They get bamboozled by all of the lingo and end up making tough decisions in even tougher surroundings.

So, I thought I'd help you. I'm a car buyer myself....and not a car seller, trust me.

Ok, do your research. Decide what you want. Surf our website. Pick your favorite car and read up on it. Mine? Currently, the Elantra or the 5-door Accent. Because, if you never decide what you want, you'll go for whatever you're offered.

Also, make a checklist, here is a good one for you, but add your own thoughts and ideas. What is important to you? Trunk space? Fuel Efficiency? Air circulation? Whatever it is, look for it in your future car. It's ok! If you're spending a lot of money on a car, you should get what you like.

Then, do financial research. Find out how much you can put down and how much you want your monthly payments to be and then read my blog on simple interest loans. Because it's never fun to feel like you've been taken.

There are so many resources on the internet and our salesmen are always ready to help!
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