Monday, October 10, 2011

Commuters Beware!

Have we got the perfect cars for you.  With the gray fall weather coming, we know what you're thinking, "no more vacations."  you've got to sit at the desk from 9-5, at least until Christmas.  What could possibly make this better?  Something awesome to drive home.  

The Smart Buy
This 5-door "compact" lets you have the versatility of a station wagon with the gas efficiency of a teensy compact.  The 40 MPG will let you save money on gas without forcing you to compromise style and I'd say it looks even snazzier in the kiwi green.  Hyundai Accent starting at (4-door) $13,205 and (5-door) $15,355 

The Stylist
The Elantra is a size upgrade from the Accent but retains the same MPG.  40.  40 miles per gallon means you can get to and from work on a gallon.  Talk about the penny pincher.  But with heated rear and front seats, leather interior and a smart blue link, no one will know about your penny pinching habits.  you can stop and go all the way from  your door to your desk.  Still under $20,000.

The I-Just-Want-to-Bring-it-All-With-Me
Ever not wanted to unload your car after the kids soccer game or the trip to the outdoor concert?  Well, now you don't have to.  Leave everything just as it is, for next weekend.  Take this baby to and from work and your car will be your best friend.  The Elantra Touring starting at just over $18,000 and giving your 30 MPG this station wagon will have you smiling for years to come.

The Crowd Pleaser
 The Sonata has gotten all sorts of praise from Drivers all over the world.  Want to find out why?  
Not only is it priced to please but this undeniably roomy sedan has lots of space for you,  your goods, and your big family.  The styling is new and makes you feel like a million bucks for just around $20,000.  And the MPG stays well maintained at 34 MPG.  Happy now?

The Mountaineer
This car is more fuel efficient that the Honda CR-V and Rav4.  It has an MPG of 31 and costs around $20,000.  It is a top safety pick and has your name written all over it.  Not only will you see above the crowd in this one but you'll be styling all the way to work.  Enjoy!

The Car-Pooler
The Hyundai Santa Fe is designed for heavy lifting without sacrificing basic essentials. Starting at around $23,000 this SUV has a versatile interior and a handsome, athletic exterior.  Designed to carry you and your friends to work with a hop, skip and a jump.  

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