Monday, January 31, 2011

Hyundai Vel-Ahhh-ster

I have never known or cared about the Detroit Auto Show...until now.

Seeing the cars that Hyundai plans to release excites my inner car nerd. But this car probably pushes me to the max. The Veloster is expected to be released in late summer/early fall 2011.

First of all it has 3 doors, which is crazy and reminds me of the movie Back to the Future. And I do not mean "3-door" - one door on each side and a hatchback. I'm talking two doors on the passenger side, one door on the drivers side. Cool. Not only does it take new leaps in the exterior but the price is phenomenally low for the coupe/hatchback/sedan...starting price is clocking in around $17,000. Wowzers.

The nitty gritty details include:
  • dual clutch transmission
  • direct injected 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine
  • Bluelink system which allows you to stream Pandora, text message, and update your facebook & twitter accounts all with voice control (WHILE YOU DRIVE)
  • a promised 40 mpg in US driving
So now that the Auto Show is packing its bags for next year, I will continue to wonder what Hyundai has coming out next year. The cool thing? You can take peeks from time to time of what Hyundai is working on...Look HERE at future car concepts.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Congress Wants YOUR Opinion

Dear Congress, I've never thought of telling you about that pothole in front of my house but here goes...

Thursday (January 20) Congress launched a new Social Media Campaign to get some opinions on their new transportation bill. You have about 6 weeks to chime in! They want to hear from everyone - anyone who uses our nations transportation network is asked to share their opinions, comments, concerns, ideas and even personal stories. They are targeting the social network users: you may post a comment on Facebook or you can upload a video to YouTube (this could get dangerous).

“What better time than now during the first month of the new Congress to tell members what Americans need and want when it comes to transportation,” said John Horsley, AASHTO executive director. “We expect Congress to draft new legislation this year that will set transportation policy and funding levels for years to come. It is AASHTO’s goal to help Congress understand the priorities of the American people.”

...once my older brother was riding a moped down our suburban Chicago side street when he hit a pothole that was being repaired and while the workers went to lunch, not well marked. His front wheel flew into the hole while he was projected forward. He had road rash so bad the printed letters on his t-shirt burned off...What can you do about that?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Boost Up...what?

Hyundai Rewards Saving UP for a DOWN Payment

Saving for a new car is tough. It just so happened that when I purchased my car last summer my grandparents savings bond finally opened up for my use and supplied me with a handy down payment. But that is not always the case. Especially since my savings bond is gone now. What will I use next time?

Problem Solved. Enter Boost Up.

Boost Up is a "social networking saving site" that allows you to use the power of social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc) with the power of saving....and begging for money. I will say that this is surely directed toward younger people, but guess what? People of all ages like saving money - so I've learned.

Ok, so why are we talking about it? Because Hyundai will match the amount you save up to $500! Sounds like some hearty money to me.
And if you sit tight I will explain how it works & the rules behind it (because there ARE rules that come with free money....sorry).

1) Go to

2) Create your FREE account - I made my own, thus to be more relatable and honestly to see how much junk mail they send me (only 1 so far and it was a welcome message). But it's really fun, you get to customize your page and pick the car you're saving for!

3) Start saving money. You can get a recurring transfer linked over from your bank account, you may email friends & family to ask for money at graduation, birthdays, weddings, etc. And you can link it to your Facebook so people can just add money if they are feeling particularly generous one Thursday morning... At this website you can even send an e-card to your friends & family to remind them of
program or casually mention that your birthday is coming up and you'd really
like them to put
money towards your car. An email helps because the website that links
directly to your bank account is at their fingertips. Literally.
4) Now for the benefits, once you reach your goal , just print a voucher and bring it to your dealer. Hyundai is currently matching up to $500!

Cool, huh? Start saving!

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Sonata breakin' records

Dear World,

We'll stop talking about the Hyundai Sonata when it stops being so cool.

Sonata Owners Everywhere

Congratulations Hyundai!! Coming in with a new record...last year, 2010, over 200,000 Hyundai Sonatas sold in the US. That is over 90,000 more than any other car in the industry! You've officially made it. This year Hyundai's sales in the US were up 117% making it their best year ever.
Our dealership definitely reflects these statistics. Rolling into a new building helped, but basically Hyundai products just keep hitting home runs. And since the Sonata is coming out with their Hybrid this year, it just keeps getting better.

What made the Sonata so delicious to car buyers?
  • Hyundai made a bold decision to forgo the obligatory 6-cylinder engine which saved the car significant weight. Jumped right on that Biggest Loser bandwagon.
  • Top Safety Pick
  • Sassy Exterior Styling - "fluidic sculpture" design...mmmm, aerodynamic.
  • 5 Star Crash Test Rating
All of these awards and accolades helped the Hyundai Sonata be the "most shopped car" for 6 out of the 7 last months! And while some cars...ahem, Toyota and Honda, can be stuck on a lot for up to 90 days, the average Sonata sells in 16 measly days. We make car-selling look good.

And guess what? The Hybrid will be here in about 30 days. Try to beat me test driving that beauty.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year...New Car?

Oh, come on I know you have been thinking about it. And before the Superbowl comes with its bright and shiny commercials let’s help you make a smart, budget-friendly decision.
Before you decide to finance a Volvo for seven years with a low, low $999 monthly payment. Yikes.

Ever heard of a Program Car? Ok, here’s the thing. I would like a new car too. But, my wallet just doesn’t stretch that far. Or it could, but I do not want to live scrapping for my car payment. The solution: a program car (and it was MY solution the day I drove my pick up truck to work and it was smoking under the hood). And our lot has quite a few of them. Each week one of the owners goes to the Auction and purchases gently used cars for you & me.

I started researching these cars... Here's what I found! The most interesting thing I noticed: they practically beg you to get a Car Fax on each car (which, FYI, costs a pretty monthly payment). Eckert Hyundai already does that for you! They are loaded right on to each pre-owned car page. Not to name any names but I did some research: not many dealerships do this. What can a Car Fax show you? A bundle of things, for starters - previous owners, accidents, flood/fire damage, mileage reports, any time the airbags have deployed, even service records! In a nutshell, check the report out, it will more than likely save you some headaches and money.

The other allure these cars have is low mileage. Most are still under warranty, which means that you will not have to pay for minor repairs yourself. The factory warranty will last you until your vehicle exceeds 60,000 miles. So, you've got a while. Unless you make two road trips to Chicago to visit your family in it...personal problem.

Then, while interviewing our Finance Director, James, I realized YOU could get the BEST DEAL. Here's how: because the Hyundai Sonatas and Elantras (both 4 door Sedans) have completely changed their body types for 2011 the 2010 models are currently going at killer prices. This could be to your best interest. If you are looking for a budget friendly car to keep for years, this one is knocking...and I'll tell you what my husband tells me, "saving money is sexy."

So go on, give us a call .

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