Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year...New Car?

Oh, come on I know you have been thinking about it. And before the Superbowl comes with its bright and shiny commercials let’s help you make a smart, budget-friendly decision.
Before you decide to finance a Volvo for seven years with a low, low $999 monthly payment. Yikes.

Ever heard of a Program Car? Ok, here’s the thing. I would like a new car too. But, my wallet just doesn’t stretch that far. Or it could, but I do not want to live scrapping for my car payment. The solution: a program car (and it was MY solution the day I drove my pick up truck to work and it was smoking under the hood). And our lot has quite a few of them. Each week one of the owners goes to the Auction and purchases gently used cars for you & me.

I started researching these cars... Here's what I found! The most interesting thing I noticed: they practically beg you to get a Car Fax on each car (which, FYI, costs a pretty monthly payment). Eckert Hyundai already does that for you! They are loaded right on to each pre-owned car page. Not to name any names but I did some research: not many dealerships do this. What can a Car Fax show you? A bundle of things, for starters - previous owners, accidents, flood/fire damage, mileage reports, any time the airbags have deployed, even service records! In a nutshell, check the report out, it will more than likely save you some headaches and money.

The other allure these cars have is low mileage. Most are still under warranty, which means that you will not have to pay for minor repairs yourself. The factory warranty will last you until your vehicle exceeds 60,000 miles. So, you've got a while. Unless you make two road trips to Chicago to visit your family in it...personal problem.

Then, while interviewing our Finance Director, James, I realized YOU could get the BEST DEAL. Here's how: because the Hyundai Sonatas and Elantras (both 4 door Sedans) have completely changed their body types for 2011 the 2010 models are currently going at killer prices. This could be to your best interest. If you are looking for a budget friendly car to keep for years, this one is knocking...and I'll tell you what my husband tells me, "saving money is sexy."

So go on, give us a call .

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