Monday, August 29, 2011

Veracruz, not the city.

"This is my third SUV. I've owned the Toyota 4Runner and Sequoia. I'm much happier with the Veracruz! I just made a trip to Oklahoma City from St Louis. I averaged 22.5 mpg. A lot better than the Sequoia's average 15 mpg! The ride is smooth and quiet. My friend came along and brought a mobility scooter. It fit in the back perfect, plus left enough room for luggage. It took awhile for the car to cool down in the 95 degree heat of Ok City, but the a/c is very good. I can't make up anyone's mind about a Korean automobile, but I'm very happy with the Veracruz. Best of luck to any of you considering an SUV." --Happy Veracruz Owner,

"If you want a loaded-up, smooth riding midsize family SUV, it's harder to find to find one at a better price than the Veracruz." --more happy customers, Business Week

"From the soft-touch materials to the superb fit and finish, the new Veracruz seven-seat crossover has an interior that feels expensive and luxurious like no other
Hyundai cabin ever has." -- Automobile Magazine.

So, don't take my word for it. But anytime we ever play that game,
I choose this one. It has wonderful seating, compares to the likes of a Lexus in terms of look and feel, but the price won't leave you wishing you had saved for your kid's college fund instead of blowing it on a car. So, that's a plus.

Come on in and look at this puppy, because you know, with Labor Day coming, cars are on the brain.

Monday, August 22, 2011

in·dulge: Genesis Sedan


[in-duhlj]-verb1. to yield to an inclination or desire; to allow oneself to follow one's will'2. to yield to, satisfy or gratify3. to yield to the wishes or whims of
ll (usually followed by in)

Dear friends, today I spent some quality time deep in the Genesis sedan. I kid you not, when I push started the car with the proximity key, classical music came on. Seriously? This car is smooth from head to toe, inside and outside. The car I drove was a delicious creamy white, waiting just outside the door for me. I slid onto the leather seats and was greeted with extreme luxury. Everything whipped itself into shape for my long legs and we were ready to go. With the opening of the sunroof I was in love. I have always wanted a car with a sunroof. And a rear shaded window. And leather heated seats, and navigation. Yikes! The list goes on.

Not to mention this month there are great specials, like low leases and 0% APR financing and $1,500 with a trade in. Jeez, what more do we need to do?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Maintenance managed

Recently I got back from a 2 week trip (supervising college students rehab homes in New Orleans) and my Hyundai Sonata was dead as a door nail. Found a friendly neighbor to help jump start our no avail. Faulty cables was the problem because when neighbor #2 came out later with cables, Sonata came bolting back to life. Good thing, because we needed groceries.

I really dislike anything revolving around the realm of maintenance or service of my car. I feel uneducated. So today, I did some research and am here to help you and me not feel dumb.

First of all, maintenance will always pay off in the long run. We can help you catch small problems before they come wildly expensive, I'm-going-on-a-roadtrip-tomorrow problems. Been there. Let us help.

Ok, but here are a few things that will need to be checked up.

1. Motor oil (duh). Actually when I went to college, I didn't know you were supposed to get oil a nut shell, your oil degrades overtime and can easily become contaminated with debris. Everyone needs oil changes and usually if you get one, the service center will let you know when to come back, follow their rules.

2. Air filters. I feel like the people at Jiffy Lube always tell me I need to change my filter. While the service men at Eckert Hyundai never say that...unless I do (one time in 2 years). It's just like the air filter in your home it must be replaced so that your car can breath freely and generate power in the way it was designed to do.

3. TIRES. Ask to get your tires rotated every other oil change, or so. This can save you from having to buy new tires. Which are quite the investment. And will help you from sliding around like an ice skater in the rain.

4. Brakes: you can't a price tag on stopping, trust me. So you might consider trusting the noises that come out of your car to remind you to get your brakes changed. If they erode too far, metal on metal will start scratching, which is less than pleasant.

5. Wiper Blades: The wiper blades offered for Hyundai's here at Eckert Hyundai have a sticker on them that fade with time, when the blade sticker turns red, it's time for new wipers. Not that you cant tell from the way they no longer get water off of your windshield.

the information on this article was obtained from and magazine.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Consumer Reports. Best Cars.

No big deal or anything, but Hyundai Elantra got named Consumer Reports' Best Small Car of 2011.

"Redesigned for 2011, the Elantra delivers a lot for the money. With its makeover, this well-rounded sedan is now more stylish and engaging to drive. The Elantra provides fairly nimble handling; a decent ride, a smooth, responsive powertrain; a well-finished interior; and a relatively roomy rear seat. It's also miserly on gas, achieving 29 mpg overall in our tests and 39 mpg on the highway. We expect this new model to be as reliable as the previous one.
Price: $18,445." --Consumer Reports Magazine

Monday, August 1, 2011

I Have $15,000.

Ha, I wish I had that problem.

Sometimes we get our little nest egg built up and want to know what the best solution for our money is. Well, you have a few options. And I'll pepper the options with my opinion, don't you worry.

First, within our website we have the option of searching just cars under $10K. That would be my first choice. There's nothing wrong with getting a new [to you] car, driving something that has been a little worn in. It's like shoes that don't give you blisters anymore. It's been driven and probably loved.

If you want to spend your savings, check out this fun car that I found. I almost bought one last year.

Second, we have several new cars that will fit in your price range, no joke. If you're willing to go manual, we can REALLY work with you.

  • A 4-door manual 2012 Hyundai Accent starts at a jaw dropping $13,205.
  • A 5-door manual 2012 Hyundai Accent starts at $15,355 (this is my current personal favorite car, I'm loving hatchbacks, they make me happy)
And thirdly, we can always work this $15K into a wowzer of a down payment. This would knock off a huge amount and banks will be rather impressed, this leaves all of the options available to you. All used and new inventory. Give them a look, I know you're intrigued.
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