Monday, August 1, 2011

I Have $15,000.

Ha, I wish I had that problem.

Sometimes we get our little nest egg built up and want to know what the best solution for our money is. Well, you have a few options. And I'll pepper the options with my opinion, don't you worry.

First, within our website we have the option of searching just cars under $10K. That would be my first choice. There's nothing wrong with getting a new [to you] car, driving something that has been a little worn in. It's like shoes that don't give you blisters anymore. It's been driven and probably loved.

If you want to spend your savings, check out this fun car that I found. I almost bought one last year.

Second, we have several new cars that will fit in your price range, no joke. If you're willing to go manual, we can REALLY work with you.

  • A 4-door manual 2012 Hyundai Accent starts at a jaw dropping $13,205.
  • A 5-door manual 2012 Hyundai Accent starts at $15,355 (this is my current personal favorite car, I'm loving hatchbacks, they make me happy)
And thirdly, we can always work this $15K into a wowzer of a down payment. This would knock off a huge amount and banks will be rather impressed, this leaves all of the options available to you. All used and new inventory. Give them a look, I know you're intrigued.

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