Monday, July 25, 2011

Service Center Dilemmas - SOLVED

I know, I know, I'm pretty sure we all feel unsure when we drop our car off to get serviced. Whether it's for an oil change, an inspection or your car is sputtering into the service bay. We have all been there.

Let me educate you on what to do with your precious car.

When it comes to service there are lots of options. You could take your car to the super center around the corner and shop while you wait, you could take it to the service center near your house and sit in a shabby waiting room and watch Judge Judy while you wait or you could bring it into Eckert Hyundai and perhaps swing a loaner car while you wait, if not, cozy up in our waiting room, use the free wi-fi or watch hi def TV while you recline on a large leather sofa and drink freshly brewed coffee. Doesn't really sound like a question to me.

Aside from the accommodations, which might be the last thing on your mind, the dealer can offer you well-trained personnel, factory replacement parts, state of the art tools, precise diagnosis, not to mention a customer reward system and offering parts under warranty. Let me explain. Let's say you take your new-er Sonata to a mom'n'pop service place where they replace a coil on your car. If the coil (that may not be meant for a Hyundai) begins to then wear on your car causing too much electricity through, and blows some plugs, not only can we not replace your coil under warranty anymore, but anything that it effects. Because it's not a Hyundai part, Hyundai is no longer willing to stand behind that product,'s not ours.

On a sidenote, there is a rumor cycling around that service dealers have a high turn over rate. Our longest term tech is 8 years and our newest employee is about to hit his 1 year mark. Sounds pretty reliable to me..So I asked the service center. Here's what I got: "There are a lot of Dealer Service centers that have a high turn over rate because they treat their service techs and advisers poorly, Eckert Hyundai is not one of those places. Eckert Hyundai believes in longevity, they believe in keeping their people; keeping them trained and keeping them happy." -Kyle Bengel , Eckert Hyundai Service Adviser (3 years and counting).

If you absolutely hate the phone, check out our new online appointment maker.

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