Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Road Trip Tips

This summer I have already driven my Hyundai Sonata to Chicago and back (to Texas).  I'm sure many of you are planning some summer road trips as well!  There are so many travel tips out there, we thought we'd do some research and narrow them down for you.  We've got some gas savers, some time passers, car suggestions and technology updates.  Ready?
  • Did you know staying at a Bed & Breakfast could save you on Gas?  At B&B's Kick Gas! you can find a list of B&B's that offer gas gift cards or even some free fill ups!  Choose wisely though, B&B's tend to be more pricey.  If you drive an SUV or Minivan this might be a good idea since you have a huge gas tank.  If you're driving an economical car, stay at La Quinta!
  • Blue Link offers Nearest & Cheapest Gas Locations.   This Blue Link Feature will keep you up to speed on the best and closest gas deals.  If you don't have Blue Link, we suggest you get it.  But there is also an awesome cheap gas finder on AAA Triptik.  Zoom in for the gas deals.  
  • If your Hyundai is hooked into the Blue Link World, you can also use the Location Sharing Feature.  This allows your friends to know where you are!  If you get ahead of the caravan let them know you stopped for lunch 20 miles ahead!  
  • And for the kids in your car here are a few tricks: a list of every restaurant that kids can eat free, free stories to download and put on your ipod and fun printable games!
With all of this said, you may still need the perfect road trip vehicle.  ABC News voted the new Hyundai Azera one of the top five best family summer road trip cars.  Said to have the most leg and head room out of any vehicle in it's class and a 16 cubic feet trunk, that's plenty of space for luggage.  Interested? 

Monday, June 18, 2012

4th of July

In honor of our country's upcoming day of celebration we'd like to show you somethings to celebrate!  Hopefully you are as excited as we are!  
  • Did you know that Hyundai has a manufacturing plant in the good ole USA?  Located in the heart of the south, our $1.4 billion automotive plant is one of the most advanced assembly plants in North America, right in Alabama!  The plant provides employment for over 2,700 people with high paying jobs and full benefits. "...[this] new manufacturing facility reaffirms Hyundai's commitment toward investing in the US economy as well as its commitment toward US consumers." --Chairman Chung.
  • Hyundai is offering a great Military Rebate through July 2012.  Hyundai is offering an additional $500 off of a new (2012 or 2013) Hyundai Vehicle.  And In support of Memorial Day and the 4th of July Hyundai enhanced the program to include all branches of the US Military and their respective Guard and Reserve Units.   Please see Hyundai's site for more details and contact your local dealership to see if you qualify.
  • Also since we are a local Hyundai Dealer in Denton, TX and we are all about family time, here are a few things to do with your family on your upcoming free Wednesday....we mean the 4th of July.
    • Some Fun Activities in our Hometown of Denton include a 5k, a parade, a free carnival and a whipped cream eating contest!  See this link for more details!
    • Nearby over Lake Lewisville, the sky will be illuminated at 9:30 pm with their annual fireworks display.  Pick a spot to watch with your family and friends, but don't pick I-35E, it always seems to get backed up!
    • And Lake Grapevine always has a great display of Fireworks, but get there early because at 9:15 pm they close down the roads leading to the lake!
    • You can also hit the horse races all day long in Grand Prairie, bonus fireworks if you stay until 9:30!
    • See more options here.  And have a great 4th of July!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Road Hazard Tire Warranty

Within our Financing Department you can get all sorts of added coverage on your new ride.  Some of them have needed explaining to me over the years.  Check out a few write ups I've done on Gap Insurance, Balloon Financing, and Simple Interest Loans.  These may help you understand the finance office better.  

Since it's June and National Tire Safety Month, we'd like to shed some light on Road Hazard Tire Warranty.  Road Hazard Warranty covers rims and tires in case of any "road hazard."  Road Hazard is defined as debris on or off the road.  Road debris is any substance, material or object that is foreign to the normal highway environment.  This includes and is not limited to potholes, glass, nails, mattresses, tire shred, etc.  It does not cover curbs.  

Now that we have covered what road hazard is, let's talk about the warranty part.  This warranty is usually rolled up in your car financing plan, costing approximately $6-$10/month based on your personal terms of finance.  It is also available for new and used cars (on used cars, will not cover tires with a tread below 2/32).  This warranty provides for the repair or replacement of tires damaged by road hazards.  This includes tires, mounting, valve stems, balancing and sales tax.  It also provides for the repair or replacement of wheels damaged by road hazards.  When a wheel is structurally damaged by a road hazard the wheel coverage provides for the repair or replacement of the damaged wheel.  It also will cover the cost of replacing or repair damaged rims on your wheels (which get pretty costly, around $500/rim).  

The Road Hazard Tire Warranty comes in 3,4 & 5 year plans.  This is a great idea  if you drive a lot on the Highway. One of our Finance Managers was telling me that recently he ran over a box spring on I-35.  And that's a road hazard.  

Call into our finance department for more information and Happy Driving!

Monday, June 4, 2012

June: National Tire Safety Month


Maybe it's because the kids are out of school and you can finally go on vacation or maybe it's because wherever you live the weather is significantly changing...but, June is National Tire Safety Month.  There are so many parts of tire safety that I never really thought about.  And maybe you're like me, when the service man asks if you'd like to add a tire rotation to your oil change, you think, "eh, next time."  But that tire rotation could be helping you tremendously.  Here are some things I am learning about tire safety.  

Tire Pressure:  Having low tire pressure causes tire wear (yea, I know).  And having too high of tire pressure can also cause tire wear.  So what can you do to fix it?  Get yourself a handy dandy tire gauge.  It's pretty easy to do.  But what are you looking for?  Ideally you want a PSI (measurement of pressure) of 35.  And anywhere under 30 or over 40 is a danger zone and will cause some pretty bad tire wear, which means some costly tires are in your future.  

Tire Rotation:  Did you know tire rotation is recommended every 7500 miles but most people wait until 15,000 miles?  Oops.   That means every other time you get an oil change you should also get your tires rotated.  And unless you have a car lift at home, it's not a do-it-yourself project.  Plus it only costs $20.00 to get your tires rotated at Eckert Hyundai and 30 minutes.  And it could save you a few hundred dollars on new tires.  I'd say that's worth it.  Rotation keeps the wear on your tires even, because our tires tend to wear on the front since that is where a majority of the weight sits. 

Alignment:  I had no idea that your car's alignment had anything to do with tires.  You car comes with a system to keep your car going straight.  This produces a lot of wear on the center of your tires.  Trouble happens when you hit a bump or a pot hole that begins to wear on the sides of your tires (God forbid you live in a neighborhood with speed bumps!).  This causes more inner and outer wear that will make your car pull to the right or left.  If you notice that or even if you don't, you should get your alignment done each year.  Good to know, huh?

Set up any of these tire safety appointments at Eckert Hyundai today!

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