Monday, June 11, 2012

Road Hazard Tire Warranty

Within our Financing Department you can get all sorts of added coverage on your new ride.  Some of them have needed explaining to me over the years.  Check out a few write ups I've done on Gap Insurance, Balloon Financing, and Simple Interest Loans.  These may help you understand the finance office better.  

Since it's June and National Tire Safety Month, we'd like to shed some light on Road Hazard Tire Warranty.  Road Hazard Warranty covers rims and tires in case of any "road hazard."  Road Hazard is defined as debris on or off the road.  Road debris is any substance, material or object that is foreign to the normal highway environment.  This includes and is not limited to potholes, glass, nails, mattresses, tire shred, etc.  It does not cover curbs.  

Now that we have covered what road hazard is, let's talk about the warranty part.  This warranty is usually rolled up in your car financing plan, costing approximately $6-$10/month based on your personal terms of finance.  It is also available for new and used cars (on used cars, will not cover tires with a tread below 2/32).  This warranty provides for the repair or replacement of tires damaged by road hazards.  This includes tires, mounting, valve stems, balancing and sales tax.  It also provides for the repair or replacement of wheels damaged by road hazards.  When a wheel is structurally damaged by a road hazard the wheel coverage provides for the repair or replacement of the damaged wheel.  It also will cover the cost of replacing or repair damaged rims on your wheels (which get pretty costly, around $500/rim).  

The Road Hazard Tire Warranty comes in 3,4 & 5 year plans.  This is a great idea  if you drive a lot on the Highway. One of our Finance Managers was telling me that recently he ran over a box spring on I-35.  And that's a road hazard.  

Call into our finance department for more information and Happy Driving!


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