Thursday, December 20, 2012

Meet Joe Becker

A banker, lawyer, and used car salesman walk into a bar...

The salesman orders a beer for himself and a white wine for his pretty and talented fiance of 1 week.  The happy couple shares stories of their recent engagement at the Sears Tower observation deck and they make plans for their upcoming weekend.

Still waiting for the punchline?

Car salesmen are often the butt of the joke but they are also living, breathing people with friends, family, and even feelings!

Today we are highlighting the humanity of Joseph Becker.  Joe has worked at Eckert Hyundai for almost 2 years, following in the footsteps of his father, Stan Becker, one of the most loved salesmen in Eckert Hyundai history.  Recently, Joe took a week off work for a good old-fashioned road trip to Chicago with his girlfriend Marisa.  The trip reached its peak (literally) when Joe proposed on the 103rd story of the Sears Tower and she said YES!  Joe says he loves everything about Marisa and she loves how "awesome" he is at "everything".  Together they enjoy completing Disney puzzles, their most recent accomplishment being a 2,000 piece Jiminy Cricket puzzle.  Joe also enjoys painting abstract art, bowling, and visiting the gun range.

Joe and Marisa, congratulations from everyone at Eckert Hyundai.  We think you make a great couple and hope you live Happily Ever After!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Employee of the Month

Nancy Sweigart

Nancy has worked at Eckert Hyundai processing accounting, payroll, vehicle registrations, supply requests, bills and more for the past 2 years.  She has worked on almost every task inside the office and manages everything gracefully and efficiently.  Nancy has recently been deemed "Most Knowledgeable" by her coworkers due to her outstanding memory, aptitude for learning quickly, and friendly demeanor.

Another Eckert employee said it best, "she pretty much knows the answer to any question I have ever asked her and if she doesn't, she has notes that she can reference to find out. She is very organized and always willing to help solve any issues that arise."

Nancy, thanks for being a hard worker and excellent problem-solver!

Monday, November 26, 2012

We Have Some to Sell

This cartoon came out recently in an automotive industry publication in August.  At the time it was true- we had low inventory like most Hyundai dealers and you might have had to settle with a Harbor Gray Sonata when you really wanted Shimmering Silver.

But settle no more!  Come back now!  We have some to sell and we have a great selection!

And since holding a large inventory costs us money, we are offering great deals and really good prices.  See what we have here or call (940) 243-6222 to speak to a salesman.

Monday, November 19, 2012

See if you Qualify for a Refund

MPG Reimbursement Instructions

Our dealership dreads drawing attention to the procedural errors at Hyundai that caused overstated fuel economy ratings on many recent models.  However, Eckert Hyundai is anxious to show you that we can admit our faults and be transparent about our mistakes.

If your vehicle has an adjusted fuel economy estimate, you are eligible for reimbursement based on your odometer reading and the average gas price in your area.  Here are the steps to getting a refund:

1) Determine that your vehicle is an affected model here.
2) Register by following the prompts.
3) Obtain a current mileage reading from the Eckert Hyundai service department Monday-Friday 7:30-6:00 or Saturday 8:00-1:00.
4) Receive a debit card in the mail.

For more information and FAQ, visit ttps://

Monday, October 29, 2012

Taxation Summation

Have you ever ordered a milkshake at your favorite diner?  You know, the kind in the metal shaker with real whipped cream topping, the kind that is so good you ordered a kids meal so you would have room to drink the whole thing?  But before the waiter can set it down, your 3 kids are asking for a bite and your husband just wants a taste.  All of a sudden, there are 4 straws in my milkshake besides my own!  Sometimes this is how I feel about taxes.  Separately, each tax just takes a few sips of my milkshake and I'm left wondering how much of it I really got to enjoy for myself.

To be clear, I am not taking a political position here.  I have always been curious what my aggregate tax rate is when you factor in payroll taxes, property tax, sales tax and income tax.  The recent political dialogue surrounding taxation did prompt me to figure the numbers but I will simply present the numbers and leave the conclusion to each individual.

Here are the assumptions and calculations I made:
* Based on US Census Bureau data, the median gross income for a family in Denton County is $85,000. 
* Social Security (4.2% of $85,000) and medicare (1.45% of $85,000) taxes total to $4,803.  The medicare base has no limit and the social security tax base is $106,800.
* For income taxes, I assumed a four person family who takes the standard deduction.  The highest tax bracket for a married-filing-jointly couple with $58,600 adjusted gross income is 15%.  Their tax comes to $7,944.
* I assumed the family put 6% into savings and (since I am familiar with the prices of non-table items for a four person family) I guesstimated the cost of non-taxable costs like a mortgage, groceries, home insurance, etc.  This is probably the roughest figure I have but it is also the smallest and comes to $2,312 or 2.7% of gross income.
* I also assumed home ownership for this family.  The Census Bureau provided a median home value of $180,000 for Denton County.  Using an average for the municipal tax rate and ISD tax rate plus Denton County's .277357 rate, property taxes amount to $4,067.

The total federal, state, and local taxes paid by this fictitious family amount to $19,126 or 22.5 percent of their gross income.

Are you surprised by this number?
Is it higher or lower than you expected?
Is it higher or lower than you think it should be?
I did not factor in annual fees like registration or state inspection on vehicles.  Can you think of anything else I neglected in my calculation?

Monday, October 22, 2012

October Employee of the Month

Farren Burchett

Please welcome Farren into the Eckert Hyundai Employee of the Month Club.  Farren has worked at Eckert Hyundai since January of 2006.  He is not only one of our most knowledgeable Hyundai technicians, but has also become a great leader and advice-giver in the service department.  He is appreciated for his dependability, great attitude, and good communication skills.  According to another employee, "He always has a great attitude and knows how to tell you what he can do or not do for you."

Farren, thanks for all your hard work!

Monday, October 15, 2012

National Food Bank Week

5K Pantry Dash Run Against Hunger

Join Eckert Hyundai at Eureka Lakes Park on October 27th for a 5K run or 1 mile walk.  The purpose of this run in to raise awareness of hunger in our community and to do something about it.  All proceeds from the race will go directly to seven food agencies in the Denton area.  Register here.

If you can't make the race but still want to participate, drop off non-perishable foods on our Service Drive and get a coupon for service work to boot!
Also present at the race will be Hyundai's most active and athletic model, the Hyundai Veloster.  With colors like Ironman Silver, Marathon Blue, and Triathalon Gray, this speedy 3-door is sure to beat me to the finish line!  Now available with a turbo engine, the Veloster meet and greet is another great reason to attend this charitable event.  Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day: Explore your Glove Box

In the spirit of Christopher Columbus, today we embark upon a glove box exploration.  These glove box contents (in order of importance) hold a world of helpful information if you know it is there and know how to use it.
* Owner's Handbook and Warranty Info- Read about warranty length and covered items including Roadside Assistance coverage and phone number.
* Maintenance Log- Keep track of your service history in one easy place, get maintenance recommendations by time and mileage, and access quick reference info like tire pressure specs and fluid types and capacities.
* XM Radio Pamphlet- Use this guide to see what is playing on XM Sirius radio.
* Owners Manual- Indexed and easy to read, this model-specific booklet is your go-to-guide for vehicle features, safety features, what to do in an emergency, and even how to perform simple maintenance items.
* Quick Reference Guide- Get acquainted with commonly used items like your key, instrument panel, and seat adjustments.
* Limited Tire Warranty Information- Since tires are covered under a separate manufacturers warranty, hang on to this pamphlet in the case that something happens to your tires and you need warranty details and contact information.
* Airbag Safety- Know when your airbags are set to deploy with this illustrated guide.
* Warranty Dispute Resolution Pamphlet and Handbook Supplement- Contains state disclosures and contact information if you ever have a problem with your new vehicle.

I learned a lot about my vehicle after this exploration and even cleared some space in there after purging a few unnecessary items and moving others to the trunk!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Employee of the Month

Kesa Barlow

Please give a round of applause to our first ever Employee of the Month for September, Kesa Barlow.  Kesa has worked at Eckert Hyundai since November of 2000.  You have likely seen her lovely face while signing your warranty documents of paying your bill in the service department.  She processes warranties, cashiers repair orders, and is essentially the glue that holds our service department together.

According to another employee, "Kesa is always willing to help with any immediate questions I have about in service dates, warranty work done on a vehicle or solving a service problem. I really appreciate her service-focused attitude and the fact she knows her job inside out."

Thanks for being so wonderful, Kesa!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Drive-through Food Drive

Have you ever had to choose between electricity or dinner? A medical prescription or lunch? 1 in 6 individuals in Denton county are faced with decisions like this on a frequent basis and are subject to the effects of hunger insecurity.

Help us in supporting local food banks by dropping off non-perishable foods in our Service Drive during the month of October.   Every item provided equals 1 more meal, 1 less hungry child, and 1% off your service bill!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Last Week to Register to Vote

Just a reminder that October 9th is the last day to register to vote for the upcoming Presidential election in November.  Go to to find out if you are registered and where to vote.

And on a related note, Eckert Hyundai will be hosting our own election for our Customer-nominated Employee of the Month.  Is there an employee that goes above and beyond, offers exceptional service, or just makes your day when you visit our dealership?  Campaigning will start later this month: stay tuned for voting mediums.

Monday, September 17, 2012

September: National Campus Safety Month

In 2010 a special "National Campus Safety Awareness Month Supplement" was released - a special publication designed to encouraged students in US Colleges and Universities stay up to date on federal rules relating to campus emergencies.  These rules and regulations were put into effect in 2008 - mostly in part of the tragic 2007 Virginia Tech Shootings.  The US Government wanted to make sure that campuses are better prepared to respond to any kind of emergency.

Here at Eckert Hyundai we know most of you college students are into safety.  Not only do we want you to stay up to date on your school's safety policies but also stay up to date on your car's safety features.  We want you to know what Hyundai's Bluelink Safety & Assurance Features are to give you (and your mom) some peace of mind. 
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance - automatically transmits your location and vehicle information to a response center for a quicker assistance time
  • SOS Emergency - automatically transmits you to a dispatcher for immediate assistance.
  • Automatic Collision Notification - in the event of an accident where a minimum of one airbag deploys automatic owner and location information are sent to a response center.  Then an operator will attempt video communication with the car's occupants in order to forward any necessary information to an arriving emergency service vehicle. 
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Stolen Vehicle Slowdown and Stolen Vehicle Immobilization - with these you have a better chance of recovering a stolen vehicle.  As soon as your vehicle is stolen and a report has been filed with the Police Department a response center can help locate and recover the car.  Slowdown and Immobilization can further assist in the recovery of the car and even prevent it from starting.
  • Alarm & Panic Notification - want someone to always know if you're OK?  Send an email, text or voice mail to a family member or friend with a press of your panic button on your key fob.  Genius!
For Mom & Dad 
  • Geo-Fence, Curfew Alert and Speed Alert - keep a close watch on your child and be notified if they pass a certain space parameter, are out past a curfew or go over the speed limit.  
Just a few ideas to help you feel safer this school year!  Read up, study hard and watch where you're going.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

2013 Veloster Turbo

"Under the hood of the front-wheel-drive four-door hatchback is a slightly modified version of the same direct-injected 1.6-liter four-cylinder, now with its intake boosted to 19 ps.  The new rating works out to 201 horsepower and 194 pound-feet of torque -- an impressive output of 125.63 hp per liter (eye-for-eye with the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport)."

"Hyundai's big idea is to have their halo car at the bottom, not the top of the line.  I personally adore this idea, as it gives a much bigger range of people the chance to own a marque's most personal and creative effort.  You have to admit, the usual halo car concept is kind of a tease - you go in the Ford dealer to gawk at the GT, and come home in a Taurus?  That's a letdown.  I'd like to see more manufacturers take Hyundai's approach."

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

"Labor Day is annually held on the first Monday of September. It was originally organized to celebrate various labor associations' strengths of and contributions to the United States economy. It is largely a day of rest in modern times.
The first Labor Day was held in 1882. Its origins stem from the desire of the Central Labor Union to create a holiday for workers. It became a federal holiday in 1894. It was originally intended that the day would be filled with a street parade to allow the public to appreciate the work of the trade and labor organizations. After the parade, a festival was to be held to amuse local workers and their families. In later years, prominent men and women held speeches. This is less common now, but is sometimes seen in election years." --Time&Date

The Sales and Service Staff at Eckert Hyundai are taking the day off to spend time enjoying friends and family.  We hope you are doing the same! Happy Labor Day!

Monday, August 27, 2012

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe

The all-new 2013 Santa Fe Sport will be arriving THIS month at Eckert Hyundai.  This new vehicle refreshes the concept of a crossover: stylish, spacious and comfortable, loaded with luxury and performance features.

More info?  Here's a quick overview of what it has to offer:
  • Fluidic Sculpture Design - creates a substantial road presence with distinct character lines
  • Two Engines: 190-hp 2.4-liter GDI r-cylinder engine and the 264-hp 2.0-liter Turbo-GDI 4-cylinder engine - both deliver exceptional fuel economy for a CUV
  • Standard 6-Speed Automatic: with SHIFTRONIC for a sporty driving experience
  • Active ECO System: for improved fuel economy
  • Standard Safety Features: Seven airbags, ESC, TCS, ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, Downhill Brake Control and Hillstart Assist Control
  • Driver Selectable Steering Modes (DSSM): Comfort, Normal or Sport provide a customized driving experience
  • Blue Link telematics service
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System
  • AM/FM/XM/CD/MP3 6 Speaker audio system with auxiliary/USB jacks
  • Available Proximity Key with Pushbutton Start
  • Available Leather Seating Surfaces
  • Available Panoramic Sunroof

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

If you live in Texas, your back to school frenzy began with tax free weekend August 17 – 19!
Did you survive the back to school shopping spree?

Now the real work begins, your back to school routine. Are you ready? Traffic congestion will be increasing so give yourself plenty of time to reach each destination successfully. Eckert Hyundai wants to provide you with some back to school tips to save you time and start your school year off right.

A good breakfast is a great way to start the day. If you are stretched for time, try preparing a nutritional breakfast on the go to take with you in your morning commute.Yogurt smoothies are easy to make and convenient to take in the car. Add dried fruit with granola in a lunch baggy and you are ready to go! Here is a link to this and some other great  Breakfast on the go recipes.

Use your Blue link traffic report to keep you informed on potential traffic delays that may cause you to run behind. Use this link to learn more on Blue Link Traffic Report Updates feature.

As you exit your alley or drive way be sure to look for little ones that are walking to school.

Remember to SLOW DOWN in neighborhoods and school zones! You don’t want to start your year off with a traffic ticket or accident.

Take extra time at intersections, medians and curb sides. Remember, little ones are riding bikes or walking and can be unpredictable.

And last, don’t use your cell phone or text while driving! Use your Blue Tooth Text and Phone feature in your car if you really need to make a call or text.
Once you have successfully dropped off children and school supplies, find your car quickly and easily using the Blue Link Remote Horn feature from your cell phone or key fob! Here is a short video to show you how! Blue Link Remote Feature

Happy travels, and welcome back to the school year!


Monday, August 13, 2012

To all the Commuters out there, News for you!

This month, since we are all dropping our kids back off at school and real life is setting back in, we focus on the commuters out there.  You loyal workers who park in traffic on whatever Interstate highway you obey each morning between 7am-9am and again, in the evening from 4:30pm-6:30pm.  We know you like to carpool, especially when you have a new car, with fun new toys in it.  You can drive all of your co-workers to work and on a lunch break.  Here are a few new thoughts for you. 

Hyundai's Blue Link: Daily Traffic Report  

You can set up a few routes, and Blue Link will update you each day.  Find the fastest route to work! You can get real-time information for traffic and alternate route guidance based on your surroundings.  Genius!

According to the 2012 Best Compact Commuter:

2012 Hyundai Elantra2012 Hyundai Elantra
Base Price: $15,345
Fuel Economy Ratings: 29 mpg city/40 mpg highway/33 mpg combined
"The Elantra got a complete makeover in 2011 transforming it from a car that blended in with the pack into one of the most efficient and good-looking cars in its class. It returns for 2012 with the same "fluidic motion" design that many Hyundai's are sharing and more importantly, the same fantastic fuel economy. Another note on that 40 mpg highway: all trims and styles of the Elantra hit that lofty number, while the other cars in this class that hit that magical 40 mpg highway number only do so when equipped with special packages or trims that add a couple thousand dollars onto the base price. That's why the other contenders we considered all start at almost $4,000 more than the Elantra. Inside there is plenty of standard equipment, something true of most Hyundai cars, including power windows/locks, USB/auxiliary audio inputs, and remote keyless entry. The Elantra also offers plenty of interior room (it has more passenger volume than a Nissan Maxima) and some premium options you won't find in the competition, like its class exclusive heated rear seats. All of these factors combined to make the Elantra an easy choice in this category.)"

Monday, August 6, 2012

Are you Ready for Some Football?

Football Season is coming and since we live in Texas, it only seems appropriate that we write about some tailgating ideas.  Hopefully the weather will cool off and you, your friends, and loyal followers of your favorite team can enjoy barbecue and some wins!

This website is full of tips, recipes and funny videos.  Here are a few of my favorite tips:
  • When tailgating in warm weather, make sure your beverages are real cold before placing in a cooler of ice helps to slow the ice melt. It sounds simple but it works, along with freezing some bottles of water to throw in the cooler, too.
  • Laminated Check List. Develop your check list and laminate it. On Fri/Sat as you are packing, simply check off the items with a dry erase marker. When all done, wipe it off and you are ready for the next game!
  • Always bring your own personal "jumbo" beverage glass with me. When you set your beverage down for any reason, having a distinguishable cup makes it is easy to spot and retrieve. That prevents you from grabbing someone else's cup.
  • Line your portable grill with aluminum foil for easy clean-up and disposal of spent charcoal.
  • A recipe for "Rick's Awesome Chili

Monday, July 30, 2012

Eckert Hyundai Backpack Giveaway

Happy Monday and welcome back to an exceptionally hot work week in the DFW area!  Here's something to brighten your day.  Eckert Hyundai is giving away not just one but TWO fully stocked backed packs, full of back-to-school essentials for your children this fall!  One less expense you have to incur during the dreaded back-to-school shopping!  You can pocket that cash for a down payment on a new Hyundai!

Contest Details: 
All you have to do is "like" us on Facebook, and comment on your favorite backpack for a chance to win.  
The contest winner will be notified on August 15, via Facebook!  Good Luck!

Monday, July 23, 2012

July: National Grilling Month

Grilled Appetizer Recipe from Mark Eckert

In observance of National Grilling Month, Mark Eckert is sharing one of his favorite recipes.  He makes these grilled appetizers for family get-togethers and has even brought them to work here at Eckert Hyundai.

Grilled Macho Munchies

2 pounds duck meat or sirloin steak, cubed in bite-size pieces.
2 small cans of whole water chestnuts
1 can of sliced jalapenos
2 packages of bacon, slices halved
Worcestershire sauce
Ranch dressing
Louisiana Hot Sauce
Spicy Mustard

1) Marinate duck or beef in Worcestershire sauce a Ziploc bag for 2-4 hours.
2) Marinate water chesnuts in Worchestershire sauce in a separate bag or bowl for 2-4 hours.
3) Soak toothpicks in water so they don't burn on the grill.
4) Assemble your bite-size appetizers by threading a piece of meat, a jalapeno, and a water chestnut on each toothpick.  Wrap a half slice of bacon around each piece and secure the bacon ends on the toothpick.
5) Grill.
6) Serve with 3 sauces: ranch dressing mized with Louisiana hot sauce, ranch dressing mixed with spicy mustard, or plain ranch dressing.
* This recipe can also be made with chicken or dove and marinated in Wishbone Italian dressing.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Hyundai Undead

Hyundai is a sponsor for the popular television series The Walking Dead and has come together with other zombie killers to produce a special Hyundai Elantra Coupe "Zombie Survival" edition.

Hyundai's Zombie Survival Machine showcases tons of world-ending modification:
  • a front-end custom zombie plow with spikes
  • armored window coverings
  • roof hatch to allow passengers to fend off attacking walkers
  • trunk stocked with electric & pneumatic weaponry
  • front & back end floodlights
  • spiked all-terrain tires 
  • CB radio system & much more
"Our custom Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine is the ultimate car for The Walking Dead fans and anyone who wants to survive a zombie invasion," Steve Shannon, vice president of marketing for Hyundai Motor America, said in a prepared statement. "We are excited for fans to come and experience the Elantra Coupe and GT in a unique, post-apocalyptic way."

The heavily customized version of the automaker’s new compact coupe was designed by creator/writer of The Walking Dead TV show and graphic novel series Robert Kirkman, and was fabricated by Design Craft Fabrication in Westminster, California.

We may not have the Zombie Survival Edition of the Hyundai Elantra Coupe but we do have some more normal ones for you to try out!  So come on in to Eckert Hyundai for your very own test drive and imagine fending off zombies in this brand new ride.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

2013 Elantra Coupe

Hyundai is once again branching out their vehicle lineup and adding a new member to the Elantra Family. The all-new Elantra Coupe proceeds with Hyundai's Fluidic Sculpture Design Language, impressive 40 mpg highway, class above interior roominess, and even sportier handling.

Hyundai is continuing to embrace the Fluidic Design Sculpture and is pushing the bar even farther with this new Coupe. Hexagonal front fascia, a design trademark for Hyundai, and jeweled swept-back headlights give the Elantra Coupe a lean, aggressive demeanor. The SE model employs a sportier look with 17 inch alloy wheels, dark spoke inserts, and widened fender flares attracting attention through the wheel arch creases and giving the Elantra a dominating presence.

Hyundai continues to offer all of these additions without sacrificing gas mileage by employing the 1.8-liter Nu four-cylinder engine (from the sedan). Continuing to put out 148 horsepower and 131 lb-ft of torque, this high power-density 4-cylinder creates 6% more hp than the Civics 1.8-liter!

The Elantra Coupe still leads the class in interior volume with more room than the Civic, Altima, Forte, and even Accord coupe. The car's longer wheelbase, allowing for more interior space, supports Hyundai's commitment to provide compact coupe efficiency with leading comfort levels.

2013 Elantra Coupe Highlights:
  • 11% more fuel efficient than Honda Coupe
  • Re-calibrated steering responsiveness
  • Standard heated seats, steering wheel audio controls, cruise control, and Bluetooth hands-free phone system with voice recognition
  • Fun to drive!!
This car legitimately has something for everybody. We are proud to announce that that our Dealership will be receiving a few coupes any day now! So if you want to be one of the first ones to have this exciting new car, give us a call or come see us!

Go ahead, you know you want one!

Monday, July 2, 2012

July: National Theft Prevention Month

July is National Theft Prevention Month and we want to show you some new ways to back up your Hyundai!  Did you know that July is one of the most popular times of the year for Auto Theft?  "According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau in July and August 2008, close to half a million automobiles were stolen and never returned to their owners, this is the highest tally in two decades."
Makes you want to keep reading, huh?

Some very obvious anti-car theft tips are:
  • Lock your doors
  • Roll up your windows
  • Remove keys from the ignition
  • Keep valuables out of sight (or better yet, with you!)
  • Theft prevention devices
Sometimes we forget these obvious things because we have been lulled into a deep sense of safety due to our routine driving habits.  Though this isn't always the case.  Don't forget the basics, and here are a few NEW tips: 
  • Turn your vehicle's wheels all the way to the curb, even if you're in a large lot, this makes your car very difficult to tow (which has become a popular form of theft lately, to export or strip your car of parts).
  • Don't hide a second key on your car.  This is easy for experienced car thieves.
  • Use your emergency brake when parked.
  • Keep registration card and title outside of your car
Blue Link also has some incredible features, "Now, stolen vehicles have a lot better chance of being recovered. In the event a vehicle is reported stolen and a report has been filed with the appropriate police department, the response center can provide assistance to the police in an attempt to locate and recover the vehicle. Stolen Vehicle Slowdown enables law enforcement to gradually reduce the engine power of the vehicle, slowing it down to safe levels. A warning is also transmitted to the driver prior to the slowdown procedure. Stolen Vehicle Immobilization enables law enforcement to send a signal to the vehicle, which immobilizes the engine management system, preventing it from starting." --Blue Link Technology Website.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Road Trip Tips

This summer I have already driven my Hyundai Sonata to Chicago and back (to Texas).  I'm sure many of you are planning some summer road trips as well!  There are so many travel tips out there, we thought we'd do some research and narrow them down for you.  We've got some gas savers, some time passers, car suggestions and technology updates.  Ready?
  • Did you know staying at a Bed & Breakfast could save you on Gas?  At B&B's Kick Gas! you can find a list of B&B's that offer gas gift cards or even some free fill ups!  Choose wisely though, B&B's tend to be more pricey.  If you drive an SUV or Minivan this might be a good idea since you have a huge gas tank.  If you're driving an economical car, stay at La Quinta!
  • Blue Link offers Nearest & Cheapest Gas Locations.   This Blue Link Feature will keep you up to speed on the best and closest gas deals.  If you don't have Blue Link, we suggest you get it.  But there is also an awesome cheap gas finder on AAA Triptik.  Zoom in for the gas deals.  
  • If your Hyundai is hooked into the Blue Link World, you can also use the Location Sharing Feature.  This allows your friends to know where you are!  If you get ahead of the caravan let them know you stopped for lunch 20 miles ahead!  
  • And for the kids in your car here are a few tricks: a list of every restaurant that kids can eat free, free stories to download and put on your ipod and fun printable games!
With all of this said, you may still need the perfect road trip vehicle.  ABC News voted the new Hyundai Azera one of the top five best family summer road trip cars.  Said to have the most leg and head room out of any vehicle in it's class and a 16 cubic feet trunk, that's plenty of space for luggage.  Interested? 

Monday, June 18, 2012

4th of July

In honor of our country's upcoming day of celebration we'd like to show you somethings to celebrate!  Hopefully you are as excited as we are!  
  • Did you know that Hyundai has a manufacturing plant in the good ole USA?  Located in the heart of the south, our $1.4 billion automotive plant is one of the most advanced assembly plants in North America, right in Alabama!  The plant provides employment for over 2,700 people with high paying jobs and full benefits. "...[this] new manufacturing facility reaffirms Hyundai's commitment toward investing in the US economy as well as its commitment toward US consumers." --Chairman Chung.
  • Hyundai is offering a great Military Rebate through July 2012.  Hyundai is offering an additional $500 off of a new (2012 or 2013) Hyundai Vehicle.  And In support of Memorial Day and the 4th of July Hyundai enhanced the program to include all branches of the US Military and their respective Guard and Reserve Units.   Please see Hyundai's site for more details and contact your local dealership to see if you qualify.
  • Also since we are a local Hyundai Dealer in Denton, TX and we are all about family time, here are a few things to do with your family on your upcoming free Wednesday....we mean the 4th of July.
    • Some Fun Activities in our Hometown of Denton include a 5k, a parade, a free carnival and a whipped cream eating contest!  See this link for more details!
    • Nearby over Lake Lewisville, the sky will be illuminated at 9:30 pm with their annual fireworks display.  Pick a spot to watch with your family and friends, but don't pick I-35E, it always seems to get backed up!
    • And Lake Grapevine always has a great display of Fireworks, but get there early because at 9:15 pm they close down the roads leading to the lake!
    • You can also hit the horse races all day long in Grand Prairie, bonus fireworks if you stay until 9:30!
    • See more options here.  And have a great 4th of July!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Road Hazard Tire Warranty

Within our Financing Department you can get all sorts of added coverage on your new ride.  Some of them have needed explaining to me over the years.  Check out a few write ups I've done on Gap Insurance, Balloon Financing, and Simple Interest Loans.  These may help you understand the finance office better.  

Since it's June and National Tire Safety Month, we'd like to shed some light on Road Hazard Tire Warranty.  Road Hazard Warranty covers rims and tires in case of any "road hazard."  Road Hazard is defined as debris on or off the road.  Road debris is any substance, material or object that is foreign to the normal highway environment.  This includes and is not limited to potholes, glass, nails, mattresses, tire shred, etc.  It does not cover curbs.  

Now that we have covered what road hazard is, let's talk about the warranty part.  This warranty is usually rolled up in your car financing plan, costing approximately $6-$10/month based on your personal terms of finance.  It is also available for new and used cars (on used cars, will not cover tires with a tread below 2/32).  This warranty provides for the repair or replacement of tires damaged by road hazards.  This includes tires, mounting, valve stems, balancing and sales tax.  It also provides for the repair or replacement of wheels damaged by road hazards.  When a wheel is structurally damaged by a road hazard the wheel coverage provides for the repair or replacement of the damaged wheel.  It also will cover the cost of replacing or repair damaged rims on your wheels (which get pretty costly, around $500/rim).  

The Road Hazard Tire Warranty comes in 3,4 & 5 year plans.  This is a great idea  if you drive a lot on the Highway. One of our Finance Managers was telling me that recently he ran over a box spring on I-35.  And that's a road hazard.  

Call into our finance department for more information and Happy Driving!

Monday, June 4, 2012

June: National Tire Safety Month


Maybe it's because the kids are out of school and you can finally go on vacation or maybe it's because wherever you live the weather is significantly changing...but, June is National Tire Safety Month.  There are so many parts of tire safety that I never really thought about.  And maybe you're like me, when the service man asks if you'd like to add a tire rotation to your oil change, you think, "eh, next time."  But that tire rotation could be helping you tremendously.  Here are some things I am learning about tire safety.  

Tire Pressure:  Having low tire pressure causes tire wear (yea, I know).  And having too high of tire pressure can also cause tire wear.  So what can you do to fix it?  Get yourself a handy dandy tire gauge.  It's pretty easy to do.  But what are you looking for?  Ideally you want a PSI (measurement of pressure) of 35.  And anywhere under 30 or over 40 is a danger zone and will cause some pretty bad tire wear, which means some costly tires are in your future.  

Tire Rotation:  Did you know tire rotation is recommended every 7500 miles but most people wait until 15,000 miles?  Oops.   That means every other time you get an oil change you should also get your tires rotated.  And unless you have a car lift at home, it's not a do-it-yourself project.  Plus it only costs $20.00 to get your tires rotated at Eckert Hyundai and 30 minutes.  And it could save you a few hundred dollars on new tires.  I'd say that's worth it.  Rotation keeps the wear on your tires even, because our tires tend to wear on the front since that is where a majority of the weight sits. 

Alignment:  I had no idea that your car's alignment had anything to do with tires.  You car comes with a system to keep your car going straight.  This produces a lot of wear on the center of your tires.  Trouble happens when you hit a bump or a pot hole that begins to wear on the sides of your tires (God forbid you live in a neighborhood with speed bumps!).  This causes more inner and outer wear that will make your car pull to the right or left.  If you notice that or even if you don't, you should get your alignment done each year.  Good to know, huh?

Set up any of these tire safety appointments at Eckert Hyundai today!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Why Use the Dealership for Service & Repair?

Top 5 Reasons to Use the Dealership for Your Service & Repair Needs

1. Trained Technicians: our friendly automotive technicians are trained specifically on Hyundai makes and models and are deeply familiar with how this specific brand operates.  Most independent auto service facilities have general technicians that are trained on overall automotive needs rather than a specific brand. And did you know the men who run the parts department are Father & Son?

2. Factory Parts: to be sure that you're getting the best parts for your Hyundai it's a good idea to use the same parts the factory uses - since our dealership gets parts straight from Hyundai, you can be certain they'll fit your cars specific needs.  Many other places offer quality aftermarket auto parts, but Hyundai's are just right for you!

3.  Recall Information: Sure, Automakers are required to mail out information on recalls, but dealerships generally have the latest information for you.  Also, dealerships are up to date on Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) from automakers, giving their techs specific knowledge about problems or issues you might be having.  Phew!

4.  Diagnostic and Repair Equipment:  Dealerships are required to have the latest and most up to date diagnostic and repair equipment.  It would be very strange to hear that our dealership did not have the parts or equipment to service even the very newest (2013) models.  Try us!

5.  Customer Satisfaction:  We have to be concerned about ensuring our service customers happiness.  Factories require dealerships to maintain minimum customer service scores in order to be considered for special programs.  We WANT to make you happy.

So, why don't you schedule an appointment to come meet with us!
And on a side note: Learn how to make $50 by referring a friend to buy a car from our dealership!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Winner & A Giveaway!

Have you noticed?  Each month we have been doing some, in my personal opinion, pretty awesome giveaways.  Do you like free things?  I know I do!  And, I know in February our customer, Chris Brumfield enjoyed a $100 Gift Card to Texas de Brazil

And this month, Alicia Snyder is going to enjoy $100 of free gas from Quik Trip - on us!  

And from now until June 10 you may enter to win a $100 Detail here at Eckert Hyundai.  Even if you don't win the Grand Prize, there are going to be TWO runner up winners who receive At-Home Car Wash Kits.  Lucky you!  You have 3 chances to win. But here's how: 
  • Have a Facebook Account
  • "Like" us on Facebook
  • Once you're a fan of our page, follow the sweepstakes links and sign up to win.  You must follow the sweepstakes link.  Liking us on Facebook is not considered a contest entry.  
  • Keep watching each month to see if there are new contests or if you've won!  
  • Good Luck!

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Model Highlight: 2013 Genesis Coupe

Hello, Beautiful!  We just got in 4 of these beauties.  The 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe was designed for those of you who live to ride.  Starting at around $24,250. 
  • HUGE Horsepower Increase from Last Years Model  
    • Clocking in at 274 HP
    • 80+ in the Genesis Coupe 2.0 
    • 40+ in the Genesis Coupe 3.8
  • Increased Sport Suspension
  • Totally Redesigned Front End
  • 21/30 Miles Per Gallon City/Highway
  • 4 SPACIOUS Seats
  • Ergonomically Redesigned Interior 
    • All of the gauges are at eye level, so you don't have to take your eyes off the road for a moment
  • Designed for the Sport Performance Enthusiast - is that you?
Ahem, would you like to schedule a test drive?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Clean Air [Filter] Month

May is Clean Air Month

Air is an important part of your vehicle.  Did you know that your vehicle doesn't just run on gasoline but equally runs on oxygen?  I didn't either...Gas and oxygen combine to create trim which makes your engine run.  When your air filter needs to be replaced there is a constricted amount of air going into the engine.  This causes your engine to run "rich" causing poor engine performance and bad gas mileage (because the engine is using all of the gas and no oxygen).  You can fix this!  At Eckert Hyundai new engine air filter only runs you $19.00.

Also important is your cabin air filter.  All of the air in your cabin goes through this filter.  If your car smells funny or if the air conditioning isn't properly functioning you need to change it.  And, when your cabin air filter is performing at it's best you get better gas mileage, because the engine doesn't have to work as hard to cool you off.  At Eckert Hyundai a new cabin air filter will only cost $49.00

So, in honor of clean air month, get your filters changed so your car can feel like the picture above.  Everyone loves clean air, right?  

Also, in honor of summer approaching, Eckert Hyundai is giving away a $100 Gas Card to QuikTrip Gas Stations.  If you are in the area and want some free gas, like us on Facebook and follow the instructions on this link! Good Luck!  Contest Ends May 20, and a winner announced the following day. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Better Fuel Economy

I bet you have always wondered what the 2012 models of the Accent, elantra, Tucson, Azera, Veloster, Tucson and Santa Fe have in common?  Am I right?  
Recently Hyundai has installed GDI engines in their newer cars.  What does that mean?  Gasoline Direct Injection.  Usually, within the engine, gas sprays a mist for a few moments to allow a combustion that keeps your car running.  But the GDI engines spray a tiny amount of gas at the very last second, which requires a very accurate computer.  In basic terms there is a detailed computer control system that uses less gas to make equal amounts of power.  
For example, pretend you light 4-5 firecrackers at once on your driveway, makes a loud noise, right?  Light one solitary firecracker within a bottle or a soda can and it makes an equally loud noise for a lower cost.  These newer model engines save gas by using less gas.  Revolutionary, I know. 

We also would like to save you some gas money with our $100 Gas Card Giveaway to QT!  Like us on Facebook and then follow the submission form to enter! Good Luck! Winner will be announced May 21, 2012!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fully Loaded Mother's Day

 A lot of mom's spend time in the car, whether commuting to work, toting little ones to soccer practice or BOTH, their car can become their second home.  Wouldn't you like to dress their second home up for Mother's Day?
Picture this, Sunday morning she wakes up to a  bouquet of roses, breakfast in bed and a totally cleaned, vacuumed and organized car.  Maybe even some leopard floor mats? Here are a few of our favorites from all around the internet.
1. Folding Cargo Bag for the Trunk.  I know the trunk can become a jumble of cleats, soccer balls, cones and frisbees.  Why not add a logical place for groceries and coupons to go?  Or if you have a green mama she can leave her reusable grocery bags in this organizer.  Handy!

2.  Auto Vase.  These aren't just for Volkswagen Beetles anymore.  Any car you have can be decorated with these bright fun flowers.  My thought?  Get mom the same bouquet of flowers that you put in her car.  What a good surprise! 

3. Leopard Floor Mats.  Do you have a sassy mom who needs some more dress up in her car?  How about these?!  They are perfect for mom who doesn't want to show a lot of dirt or crumbs but wants to show a lot of attitude, and for only $25, it's the most fun gift out there!

4.  Litter Bag.  I personally hate any amount of trash in my car, and I am not a mom.  This is so easy, attach to the back of a headrest and dump whenever you get gas.  Easy for mom to stay organized, clean and fresh smelling!  But, please don't make this the only thing you give mom, it might send the wrong idea. 

5. Back Seat Organizer.  Tired of running after crayons and books?  This organizer is perfect for a neat and tidy mom.  The organizer provides lots of pockets that you can put everything from snacks to headbands in.  The best way to keep your mom's car picked up.  And keep things from getting lost. 

Hope this helps! Remember: flowers, cards, breakfast in bed AND clean and organizer her car with these fun accessories! Mother's Day is May 13. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Orange is "IN"

Not only did I recently see "orange cars," namely the Hyundai Veloster on the IN list in a prominent magazine, but also the Hyundai Veloster is the sponsor of this year's giant Coachella Valley Music and Arts Fesitval.  How cool is that?  

"The problem with the Hyundai Veloster is that it flies in the face of conventional wisdom. You can’t really have it all, says the sober voice. You can’t have a super-stylish, gizmo-loaded, sporty-feeling ride that also gets 40 mpg on the highway.
Apparently, Hyundai never got that memo. That’s the only explanation for the Hyundai Veloster’s generous array of features in a sub-compact that starts at $18,060 and tops out at $23,310. I’m jealous of the 20- and 30-somethings Hyundai is targeting for this car, since there were significantly fewer choices when I was in this demographic."  --Tara Weingarten,

Fans with DJ LA Riots at this years Coachella Music Festival.  Hanging out in the Hyundai RE:GENERATION Lounge. 

So, if you're looking to up your status, come in and test drive one of our amazing new Hyundai Velosters, you will not want to go home without it, promise.

Monday, April 9, 2012

New 2012 Hyundai Azera

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! We had some new arrivals come in, we are dying to show you.  This is the new 2012 Hyundai Azera.  If you're wondering more about this beauty, we have the info for you.

  • Fluidic Sculpting (the new toned outer body of all of the New Hyundai models)
  • Panoramic Sunroof - roadtrips start now.
  • Chrome tipped dual exhaust
  •  More leg & head room than ANY other vehicle in it's class
  • Premium Seats - front and back heated seats and a memory system for the driver seat
  • Power rear sunshade (convenient for the baby mobile)
  • Navigational System
  • Proximity key & push start engine
  • When I sat down in the chair welcome music played (and it was not the radio)
  • 9 Airbag Safety System - there are even KNEE airbags, awesome
  • Rear back up camera 
  • Rear parking sensors for those of us who haven't mastered the parallel parking scene
  • 3.3 GDI V6 Engine - effortless flow of power
  • GDI - Gasoline Direct Injection - you get the perfect balance of gasoline & air in the combustion chamber
  • 6 Speed Automatic Transmission - don't know stick shift? no worries!
  • Hyper Silver Alloy Wheels  
For more detailed information and lots of pictures, click here.
To schedule a test drive or buy one for yourself, click HERE!
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