Monday, April 30, 2012

Better Fuel Economy

I bet you have always wondered what the 2012 models of the Accent, elantra, Tucson, Azera, Veloster, Tucson and Santa Fe have in common?  Am I right?  
Recently Hyundai has installed GDI engines in their newer cars.  What does that mean?  Gasoline Direct Injection.  Usually, within the engine, gas sprays a mist for a few moments to allow a combustion that keeps your car running.  But the GDI engines spray a tiny amount of gas at the very last second, which requires a very accurate computer.  In basic terms there is a detailed computer control system that uses less gas to make equal amounts of power.  
For example, pretend you light 4-5 firecrackers at once on your driveway, makes a loud noise, right?  Light one solitary firecracker within a bottle or a soda can and it makes an equally loud noise for a lower cost.  These newer model engines save gas by using less gas.  Revolutionary, I know. 

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