Monday, April 23, 2012

Fully Loaded Mother's Day

 A lot of mom's spend time in the car, whether commuting to work, toting little ones to soccer practice or BOTH, their car can become their second home.  Wouldn't you like to dress their second home up for Mother's Day?
Picture this, Sunday morning she wakes up to a  bouquet of roses, breakfast in bed and a totally cleaned, vacuumed and organized car.  Maybe even some leopard floor mats? Here are a few of our favorites from all around the internet.
1. Folding Cargo Bag for the Trunk.  I know the trunk can become a jumble of cleats, soccer balls, cones and frisbees.  Why not add a logical place for groceries and coupons to go?  Or if you have a green mama she can leave her reusable grocery bags in this organizer.  Handy!

2.  Auto Vase.  These aren't just for Volkswagen Beetles anymore.  Any car you have can be decorated with these bright fun flowers.  My thought?  Get mom the same bouquet of flowers that you put in her car.  What a good surprise! 

3. Leopard Floor Mats.  Do you have a sassy mom who needs some more dress up in her car?  How about these?!  They are perfect for mom who doesn't want to show a lot of dirt or crumbs but wants to show a lot of attitude, and for only $25, it's the most fun gift out there!

4.  Litter Bag.  I personally hate any amount of trash in my car, and I am not a mom.  This is so easy, attach to the back of a headrest and dump whenever you get gas.  Easy for mom to stay organized, clean and fresh smelling!  But, please don't make this the only thing you give mom, it might send the wrong idea. 

5. Back Seat Organizer.  Tired of running after crayons and books?  This organizer is perfect for a neat and tidy mom.  The organizer provides lots of pockets that you can put everything from snacks to headbands in.  The best way to keep your mom's car picked up.  And keep things from getting lost. 

Hope this helps! Remember: flowers, cards, breakfast in bed AND clean and organizer her car with these fun accessories! Mother's Day is May 13. 

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