Monday, May 7, 2012

Clean Air [Filter] Month

May is Clean Air Month

Air is an important part of your vehicle.  Did you know that your vehicle doesn't just run on gasoline but equally runs on oxygen?  I didn't either...Gas and oxygen combine to create trim which makes your engine run.  When your air filter needs to be replaced there is a constricted amount of air going into the engine.  This causes your engine to run "rich" causing poor engine performance and bad gas mileage (because the engine is using all of the gas and no oxygen).  You can fix this!  At Eckert Hyundai new engine air filter only runs you $19.00.

Also important is your cabin air filter.  All of the air in your cabin goes through this filter.  If your car smells funny or if the air conditioning isn't properly functioning you need to change it.  And, when your cabin air filter is performing at it's best you get better gas mileage, because the engine doesn't have to work as hard to cool you off.  At Eckert Hyundai a new cabin air filter will only cost $49.00

So, in honor of clean air month, get your filters changed so your car can feel like the picture above.  Everyone loves clean air, right?  

Also, in honor of summer approaching, Eckert Hyundai is giving away a $100 Gas Card to QuikTrip Gas Stations.  If you are in the area and want some free gas, like us on Facebook and follow the instructions on this link! Good Luck!  Contest Ends May 20, and a winner announced the following day. 

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  1. Vacuum the air filter with the wet-dry vac. Vacuum all surfaces of the filter, ensuring to get between the vanes in the filter.


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