Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day: Explore your Glove Box

In the spirit of Christopher Columbus, today we embark upon a glove box exploration.  These glove box contents (in order of importance) hold a world of helpful information if you know it is there and know how to use it.
* Owner's Handbook and Warranty Info- Read about warranty length and covered items including Roadside Assistance coverage and phone number.
* Maintenance Log- Keep track of your service history in one easy place, get maintenance recommendations by time and mileage, and access quick reference info like tire pressure specs and fluid types and capacities.
* XM Radio Pamphlet- Use this guide to see what is playing on XM Sirius radio.
* Owners Manual- Indexed and easy to read, this model-specific booklet is your go-to-guide for vehicle features, safety features, what to do in an emergency, and even how to perform simple maintenance items.
* Quick Reference Guide- Get acquainted with commonly used items like your key, instrument panel, and seat adjustments.
* Limited Tire Warranty Information- Since tires are covered under a separate manufacturers warranty, hang on to this pamphlet in the case that something happens to your tires and you need warranty details and contact information.
* Airbag Safety- Know when your airbags are set to deploy with this illustrated guide.
* Warranty Dispute Resolution Pamphlet and Handbook Supplement- Contains state disclosures and contact information if you ever have a problem with your new vehicle.

I learned a lot about my vehicle after this exploration and even cleared some space in there after purging a few unnecessary items and moving others to the trunk!

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