Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

If you live in Texas, your back to school frenzy began with tax free weekend August 17 – 19!
Did you survive the back to school shopping spree?

Now the real work begins, your back to school routine. Are you ready? Traffic congestion will be increasing so give yourself plenty of time to reach each destination successfully. Eckert Hyundai wants to provide you with some back to school tips to save you time and start your school year off right.

A good breakfast is a great way to start the day. If you are stretched for time, try preparing a nutritional breakfast on the go to take with you in your morning commute.Yogurt smoothies are easy to make and convenient to take in the car. Add dried fruit with granola in a lunch baggy and you are ready to go! Here is a link to this and some other great  Breakfast on the go recipes.

Use your Blue link traffic report to keep you informed on potential traffic delays that may cause you to run behind. Use this link to learn more on Blue Link Traffic Report Updates feature.

As you exit your alley or drive way be sure to look for little ones that are walking to school.

Remember to SLOW DOWN in neighborhoods and school zones! You don’t want to start your year off with a traffic ticket or accident.

Take extra time at intersections, medians and curb sides. Remember, little ones are riding bikes or walking and can be unpredictable.

And last, don’t use your cell phone or text while driving! Use your Blue Tooth Text and Phone feature in your car if you really need to make a call or text.
Once you have successfully dropped off children and school supplies, find your car quickly and easily using the Blue Link Remote Horn feature from your cell phone or key fob! Here is a short video to show you how! Blue Link Remote Feature

Happy travels, and welcome back to the school year!


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