Thursday, December 20, 2012

Meet Joe Becker

A banker, lawyer, and used car salesman walk into a bar...

The salesman orders a beer for himself and a white wine for his pretty and talented fiance of 1 week.  The happy couple shares stories of their recent engagement at the Sears Tower observation deck and they make plans for their upcoming weekend.

Still waiting for the punchline?

Car salesmen are often the butt of the joke but they are also living, breathing people with friends, family, and even feelings!

Today we are highlighting the humanity of Joseph Becker.  Joe has worked at Eckert Hyundai for almost 2 years, following in the footsteps of his father, Stan Becker, one of the most loved salesmen in Eckert Hyundai history.  Recently, Joe took a week off work for a good old-fashioned road trip to Chicago with his girlfriend Marisa.  The trip reached its peak (literally) when Joe proposed on the 103rd story of the Sears Tower and she said YES!  Joe says he loves everything about Marisa and she loves how "awesome" he is at "everything".  Together they enjoy completing Disney puzzles, their most recent accomplishment being a 2,000 piece Jiminy Cricket puzzle.  Joe also enjoys painting abstract art, bowling, and visiting the gun range.

Joe and Marisa, congratulations from everyone at Eckert Hyundai.  We think you make a great couple and hope you live Happily Ever After!

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