Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Road Trip Tips

This summer I have already driven my Hyundai Sonata to Chicago and back (to Texas).  I'm sure many of you are planning some summer road trips as well!  There are so many travel tips out there, we thought we'd do some research and narrow them down for you.  We've got some gas savers, some time passers, car suggestions and technology updates.  Ready?
  • Did you know staying at a Bed & Breakfast could save you on Gas?  At B&B's Kick Gas! you can find a list of B&B's that offer gas gift cards or even some free fill ups!  Choose wisely though, B&B's tend to be more pricey.  If you drive an SUV or Minivan this might be a good idea since you have a huge gas tank.  If you're driving an economical car, stay at La Quinta!
  • Blue Link offers Nearest & Cheapest Gas Locations.   This Blue Link Feature will keep you up to speed on the best and closest gas deals.  If you don't have Blue Link, we suggest you get it.  But there is also an awesome cheap gas finder on AAA Triptik.  Zoom in for the gas deals.  
  • If your Hyundai is hooked into the Blue Link World, you can also use the Location Sharing Feature.  This allows your friends to know where you are!  If you get ahead of the caravan let them know you stopped for lunch 20 miles ahead!  
  • And for the kids in your car here are a few tricks: a list of every restaurant that kids can eat free, free stories to download and put on your ipod and fun printable games!
With all of this said, you may still need the perfect road trip vehicle.  ABC News voted the new Hyundai Azera one of the top five best family summer road trip cars.  Said to have the most leg and head room out of any vehicle in it's class and a 16 cubic feet trunk, that's plenty of space for luggage.  Interested? 

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