Monday, July 23, 2012

July: National Grilling Month

Grilled Appetizer Recipe from Mark Eckert

In observance of National Grilling Month, Mark Eckert is sharing one of his favorite recipes.  He makes these grilled appetizers for family get-togethers and has even brought them to work here at Eckert Hyundai.

Grilled Macho Munchies

2 pounds duck meat or sirloin steak, cubed in bite-size pieces.
2 small cans of whole water chestnuts
1 can of sliced jalapenos
2 packages of bacon, slices halved
Worcestershire sauce
Ranch dressing
Louisiana Hot Sauce
Spicy Mustard

1) Marinate duck or beef in Worcestershire sauce a Ziploc bag for 2-4 hours.
2) Marinate water chesnuts in Worchestershire sauce in a separate bag or bowl for 2-4 hours.
3) Soak toothpicks in water so they don't burn on the grill.
4) Assemble your bite-size appetizers by threading a piece of meat, a jalapeno, and a water chestnut on each toothpick.  Wrap a half slice of bacon around each piece and secure the bacon ends on the toothpick.
5) Grill.
6) Serve with 3 sauces: ranch dressing mized with Louisiana hot sauce, ranch dressing mixed with spicy mustard, or plain ranch dressing.
* This recipe can also be made with chicken or dove and marinated in Wishbone Italian dressing.


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