Monday, May 28, 2012

Why Use the Dealership for Service & Repair?

Top 5 Reasons to Use the Dealership for Your Service & Repair Needs

1. Trained Technicians: our friendly automotive technicians are trained specifically on Hyundai makes and models and are deeply familiar with how this specific brand operates.  Most independent auto service facilities have general technicians that are trained on overall automotive needs rather than a specific brand. And did you know the men who run the parts department are Father & Son?

2. Factory Parts: to be sure that you're getting the best parts for your Hyundai it's a good idea to use the same parts the factory uses - since our dealership gets parts straight from Hyundai, you can be certain they'll fit your cars specific needs.  Many other places offer quality aftermarket auto parts, but Hyundai's are just right for you!

3.  Recall Information: Sure, Automakers are required to mail out information on recalls, but dealerships generally have the latest information for you.  Also, dealerships are up to date on Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) from automakers, giving their techs specific knowledge about problems or issues you might be having.  Phew!

4.  Diagnostic and Repair Equipment:  Dealerships are required to have the latest and most up to date diagnostic and repair equipment.  It would be very strange to hear that our dealership did not have the parts or equipment to service even the very newest (2013) models.  Try us!

5.  Customer Satisfaction:  We have to be concerned about ensuring our service customers happiness.  Factories require dealerships to maintain minimum customer service scores in order to be considered for special programs.  We WANT to make you happy.

So, why don't you schedule an appointment to come meet with us!
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