Monday, September 17, 2012

September: National Campus Safety Month

In 2010 a special "National Campus Safety Awareness Month Supplement" was released - a special publication designed to encouraged students in US Colleges and Universities stay up to date on federal rules relating to campus emergencies.  These rules and regulations were put into effect in 2008 - mostly in part of the tragic 2007 Virginia Tech Shootings.  The US Government wanted to make sure that campuses are better prepared to respond to any kind of emergency.

Here at Eckert Hyundai we know most of you college students are into safety.  Not only do we want you to stay up to date on your school's safety policies but also stay up to date on your car's safety features.  We want you to know what Hyundai's Bluelink Safety & Assurance Features are to give you (and your mom) some peace of mind. 
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance - automatically transmits your location and vehicle information to a response center for a quicker assistance time
  • SOS Emergency - automatically transmits you to a dispatcher for immediate assistance.
  • Automatic Collision Notification - in the event of an accident where a minimum of one airbag deploys automatic owner and location information are sent to a response center.  Then an operator will attempt video communication with the car's occupants in order to forward any necessary information to an arriving emergency service vehicle. 
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Stolen Vehicle Slowdown and Stolen Vehicle Immobilization - with these you have a better chance of recovering a stolen vehicle.  As soon as your vehicle is stolen and a report has been filed with the Police Department a response center can help locate and recover the car.  Slowdown and Immobilization can further assist in the recovery of the car and even prevent it from starting.
  • Alarm & Panic Notification - want someone to always know if you're OK?  Send an email, text or voice mail to a family member or friend with a press of your panic button on your key fob.  Genius!
For Mom & Dad 
  • Geo-Fence, Curfew Alert and Speed Alert - keep a close watch on your child and be notified if they pass a certain space parameter, are out past a curfew or go over the speed limit.  
Just a few ideas to help you feel safer this school year!  Read up, study hard and watch where you're going.  

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