Monday, August 29, 2011

Veracruz, not the city.

"This is my third SUV. I've owned the Toyota 4Runner and Sequoia. I'm much happier with the Veracruz! I just made a trip to Oklahoma City from St Louis. I averaged 22.5 mpg. A lot better than the Sequoia's average 15 mpg! The ride is smooth and quiet. My friend came along and brought a mobility scooter. It fit in the back perfect, plus left enough room for luggage. It took awhile for the car to cool down in the 95 degree heat of Ok City, but the a/c is very good. I can't make up anyone's mind about a Korean automobile, but I'm very happy with the Veracruz. Best of luck to any of you considering an SUV." --Happy Veracruz Owner,

"If you want a loaded-up, smooth riding midsize family SUV, it's harder to find to find one at a better price than the Veracruz." --more happy customers, Business Week

"From the soft-touch materials to the superb fit and finish, the new Veracruz seven-seat crossover has an interior that feels expensive and luxurious like no other
Hyundai cabin ever has." -- Automobile Magazine.

So, don't take my word for it. But anytime we ever play that game,
I choose this one. It has wonderful seating, compares to the likes of a Lexus in terms of look and feel, but the price won't leave you wishing you had saved for your kid's college fund instead of blowing it on a car. So, that's a plus.

Come on in and look at this puppy, because you know, with Labor Day coming, cars are on the brain.

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