Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Sonata breakin' records

Dear World,

We'll stop talking about the Hyundai Sonata when it stops being so cool.

Sonata Owners Everywhere

Congratulations Hyundai!! Coming in with a new record...last year, 2010, over 200,000 Hyundai Sonatas sold in the US. That is over 90,000 more than any other car in the industry! You've officially made it. This year Hyundai's sales in the US were up 117% making it their best year ever.
Our dealership definitely reflects these statistics. Rolling into a new building helped, but basically Hyundai products just keep hitting home runs. And since the Sonata is coming out with their Hybrid this year, it just keeps getting better.

What made the Sonata so delicious to car buyers?
  • Hyundai made a bold decision to forgo the obligatory 6-cylinder engine which saved the car significant weight. Jumped right on that Biggest Loser bandwagon.
  • Top Safety Pick
  • Sassy Exterior Styling - "fluidic sculpture" design...mmmm, aerodynamic.
  • 5 Star Crash Test Rating
All of these awards and accolades helped the Hyundai Sonata be the "most shopped car" for 6 out of the 7 last months! And while some cars...ahem, Toyota and Honda, can be stuck on a lot for up to 90 days, the average Sonata sells in 16 measly days. We make car-selling look good.

And guess what? The Hybrid will be here in about 30 days. Try to beat me test driving that beauty.

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