Monday, January 17, 2011

Boost Up...what?

Hyundai Rewards Saving UP for a DOWN Payment

Saving for a new car is tough. It just so happened that when I purchased my car last summer my grandparents savings bond finally opened up for my use and supplied me with a handy down payment. But that is not always the case. Especially since my savings bond is gone now. What will I use next time?

Problem Solved. Enter Boost Up.

Boost Up is a "social networking saving site" that allows you to use the power of social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc) with the power of saving....and begging for money. I will say that this is surely directed toward younger people, but guess what? People of all ages like saving money - so I've learned.

Ok, so why are we talking about it? Because Hyundai will match the amount you save up to $500! Sounds like some hearty money to me.
And if you sit tight I will explain how it works & the rules behind it (because there ARE rules that come with free money....sorry).

1) Go to

2) Create your FREE account - I made my own, thus to be more relatable and honestly to see how much junk mail they send me (only 1 so far and it was a welcome message). But it's really fun, you get to customize your page and pick the car you're saving for!

3) Start saving money. You can get a recurring transfer linked over from your bank account, you may email friends & family to ask for money at graduation, birthdays, weddings, etc. And you can link it to your Facebook so people can just add money if they are feeling particularly generous one Thursday morning... At this website you can even send an e-card to your friends & family to remind them of
program or casually mention that your birthday is coming up and you'd really
like them to put
money towards your car. An email helps because the website that links
directly to your bank account is at their fingertips. Literally.
4) Now for the benefits, once you reach your goal , just print a voucher and bring it to your dealer. Hyundai is currently matching up to $500!

Cool, huh? Start saving!

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