Monday, January 24, 2011

Congress Wants YOUR Opinion

Dear Congress, I've never thought of telling you about that pothole in front of my house but here goes...

Thursday (January 20) Congress launched a new Social Media Campaign to get some opinions on their new transportation bill. You have about 6 weeks to chime in! They want to hear from everyone - anyone who uses our nations transportation network is asked to share their opinions, comments, concerns, ideas and even personal stories. They are targeting the social network users: you may post a comment on Facebook or you can upload a video to YouTube (this could get dangerous).

“What better time than now during the first month of the new Congress to tell members what Americans need and want when it comes to transportation,” said John Horsley, AASHTO executive director. “We expect Congress to draft new legislation this year that will set transportation policy and funding levels for years to come. It is AASHTO’s goal to help Congress understand the priorities of the American people.”

...once my older brother was riding a moped down our suburban Chicago side street when he hit a pothole that was being repaired and while the workers went to lunch, not well marked. His front wheel flew into the hole while he was projected forward. He had road rash so bad the printed letters on his t-shirt burned off...What can you do about that?

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