Monday, December 20, 2010

Asterisk Abuse. Not your momma's commuter car.

The exciting news can finally be revealed: The New 2011 Hyundai Elantra is here! Finally

I personally feel like every carmaker taps into our inner 5 year old and makes you blurt out, “ooooh, I want that!” I am still paying off my 2008 Hyundai Sonata (which I adore, by the way, nothing but good reports about it) and I want to trade it for either the 2011 Elantra or the Sonata, both incredibly sporty and just in general, better than my car. Remain calm. My head suddenly goes through a thousand scenarios, I am selling things on Craigslist to scrape together a down payment, I am asking my Father for a new car. No, that's silly.

They shouldn't have let me test drive it.

Reasons Why I Have Fallen For the New 2011 Hyundai Elantra:
  • 29 mpg City, 40 mpg highway. Oh my goodness, Need I say more?
        • for those uninformed out there....which was me 2 years ago, let me explain mpg = miles per gallon. The reason it's lower in the city is because you are stopping and starting so often. These numbers are so high and that fill up on gas less, which I hate anyway, it's so inconvenient, take me back to the days of full service gas station pump attendants, please!
  • Redesigned, sleek body. Wow, this 2010 body was thrown out the window! This car looks like a scaled down 2011 Sonata which, let me tell you, is a good thing. Not only sporty but also aerodynamic. Someone was doing their homework.
  • I'll just say it, I am nearly 6 feet tall. Finding a car that fits my legs is tough. But driving the Elantra was a joy. I started out by sliding my chair back and it went TOO FAR. Too far, seriously? That never happens. Then I sat in the back seat (with my driver seat extended) and there was enough room to put someone on my lap...not that I did.
  • Talking about space...don't get me started on trunk space, it was unlimited. It went in so far, which I imagine helps with wheel noise reduction.
  • Heated front AND REAR seats? I have always wanted those....just in my seat, let alone all of them! This is so cool (calming my inner 5 year old all over again).
  • Last but not least proximity, touch start engine and touch screen navigation (let's hope they have an Australian accented guide)

I could go on and on about the engine and how there is a 6 speed transmission, etcetera, etcetera. But those aren't the sinkers. With this new car, Hyundai has you in mind! They honestly pursued making you feel special for under $20,000 (and a little bit more than that if you so desire all of the bells & whistles).

Back to the Asterisk Abusing out there. As I read and read article upon article to maximize my Elantra knowledge I realized there are some number fudgers out there. Why say that your car has 42 mpg with the dreaded asterisk (which I realized I was spelling incorrectly)? Dreaded asterisk....meaning you can hit a whopping 42 mpg if you are being dropped out of a helicopter onto a highway, going down wind and if you are a supermodel who weighs 12 pounds, thus never slowing down you car. Come on! The special thing about the new Elantra is:
a)you don't have to be a supermodel and weigh 12 pounds and
b) it has 40 mpg on the highway no matter what (GASP!).

So, get one. Or at least test drive one and satisfy your inner 5 year old, please!
More info? Click here.

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