Monday, October 3, 2011

Teen Driving.

 Considering buying the baby a car for their upcoming birthday?
Here are some interesting things to consider.
  • Look for a car that minimizes the odds for an accident & if an accident occurs - your driver will incur minimal harm
  • Inexperience can lead to lots of problems - it can take a long time to master driving in wind, rain, ice & snow, and since we can't all move to Arizona, help your teen choose a reliable car that won't keep you awake worrying about it having problems.
  • A CAR is the best choice.  With good visibility and lower chance of fishtailing & spin outs.  
  • A BIG car is an even better choice.  Heavy and large leads to safer driving.
  • Make sure that the car is completely roadworthy.  If you are not mechanically inclined have someone take a look at the tires, battery, spark plugs, even the windshield wipers will help assist in clarity.
  • A car dated 2005 or later will usually have great airbags - which clearly offer more security and safety.  If you feel a smaller car is the best (or only) choice for your teen, get one with great airbags.  
  • Here's an interesting thought:  purchasing a car with manual transmission could be a great option.  This will teach your child responsible driving (it is even required in Europe).  The automatic transmission cars can be often too easy to drive, resulting in speeding and irresponsible behind the wheel behavior.  A manual transmission will help your child focus.  
    • On the new Hyundai Veloster the Dual Clutch Transmission (which is manual) mimics an automatic transmission in that it anticipates what gear you will use next making the manual transmission a smoother ride - and a cheaper option too.    
With all of that said, come browse our used & new cars.  
I'm sure your new teen driver will have fun looking through all of our options!

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