Monday, September 12, 2011

Hyundai Veloster

Drooling yet?  I am. 

Our brand new 2012 Hyundai Veloster comes out soon!  We will be getting a few of these before you know it.

For now, can I tell you my favorite parts?  (are you sitting?)
  • Secret door - I know, everyone loves a good secret.  This is not a suicide door, these doors are set up just like a normal sedan.  But they are only on one side.  No more awkward exits for your friends that sacrificially sit in the back seat.  Everyone will want to ride with you and it's ok because you have...
  • 40 MPG on the Highway!  This is one of Hyundai's 4 cars with 40 MPG on the highway.  I love choices, don't you?
  • Lately I feel like I have been doing double takes at hatchbacks.  The extra room would sure be nice when we take trips.  Well, not only do you get the vanity of a sports car, but you get the practicality of a hatchback.  Without really acting like you have a practical bone in your body. 
  • Panoramic Sunroof Please.  Really get a tan, see the stars or daydream stoplights. 
  • Best-in-Class Interior for "compact sporty car segment."  Another step in the right direction of practicality. 
  • Blue Link.

So come check the Hyundai Veloster out at Eckert Hyundai.  You'll never want to leave.

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