Monday, December 19, 2011

Winterize Your Vehicle

Check your Antifreeze.  
Antifreeze is coolant that doesn't freeze, antifreeze keeps your engine from turning into an ice block. If you try driving on a frozen engine you will have a broken car and will have to spend your Christmas money to buy a new engine or vehicle.  Since your vehicle contains a mixture of half antifreeze, half water, you want to make sure your car is full and the mixture is as close to 50/50 as possible.  Good news: most repair shops will check this for free.

Tire Safety
Winter, of all times, is the worst to be cheap about your tires.  Who has used the penny test? That is what i have always heard was the tried and true way to check tire pressure.  Well, seems that the National Highway Transportation Safety Board (whew, long name!) says different.  If your penny test is just passing your tires are not winter ready.  Try a quarter test.  It's the right size for safety. Watch this video, it might help!

Replace those Wipers
For some reason I, as a silly college Freshman, thought wipers lasted forever (or just the life of your car).  Ha.  There comes a time when wipers get so worn out the only thing they are good for are smearing much on your windshield...good luck seeing through that.  In the winter we drive on a lot of sand, salt and dirt to keep the roads safe.  This stuff WILL end up on your windshield.  Do you have the wipers you need to keep up visibility?

Fill up on Windshield Fluid
other cars on the road kick up lots of extra junk leaving your windshield looking...grimy.  Make sure you have wiper fluid so that you can keep your windshield dazzling and this helps make the wiper jobs so much easier.

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