Monday, December 12, 2011

Polishing your headlights. Why it matters.

Ever asked yourself why you can't see farther than a couple of car lengths ahead of you?
Is one of your low beams burned out? Nope.
Is it foggy out? No.

Check out your headlights: are the assemblies frosted over?  Not just with dirt or grime but with a cloudy fog, like a mirror post shower...might need to call the pros for this one....

Why?  The outside surface of your headlight is made of polycarbonate plastic (like eye glasses).  Polycarbonate plastic is helpful - resistant to stones and chips and other things flying into the front of your car.  Good thing too, because you don't want your headlights cracking with every bug, rock and piece of gravel that flies at you on the open road. BUT! A few years of exposure to sunlight and chemicals in the atmosphere - polycarbonate can get hazy, foggy and dirty. Bummer.
These assemblies can be easy to replace but are ridiculously expensive...sometimes upwards of a thousand dollars. Yikes.  Lucky for you, Eckert Hyundai can polish these headlights without emptying your piggy bank.

FYI:  This process can take us about an hour, and $65.  BUT! If you join our monthly e-mail newsletter, you can receive a coupon for this headlight polish for $25.  Generous, I know.

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