Monday, December 26, 2011

Charming Mutations.

Did you know that every 14 seconds someone in America drives off a dealership lot with a "small" car?

This article shows you that small doesn't have to mean predictable, lame or boxy.  In today's society everyone is downsizing.  Better gas mileage means less stops to the gas pump and more bang for your buck.  And we all know, small cars equal better gas mileage.  But who says that just because you drive something small it has to be a boring Corolla?  Not me.  

"...the Veloster is truly novel. The reverse-wedge roofline, the squat rear end, and the wide stance create an aggressiveness never before seen in Hyundai styling. That dynamic promise is carried through in details like the tall rear apron, the cantilevered roof, and the center-exit exhaust. The polarizing face -- quite possibly derived from an employee pumpkin-carving contest -- makes the profile and rear-quarter views the Veloster's most flattering. Those angles also reveal the Veloster's charming mutation: three doors. On the passenger's side, there are two conventional, front-hinged doors, while the driver's side has a single, longer door."  --Eric Tingwall, Automobile Magazine

Just thinking aloud here, but you really ought to come in and check out our stock of Velosters

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