Thursday, March 31, 2011

A good checklist.

Here are a few things to consider before and during your quest for a new set of wheels.

1. Before you head off to Eckert Hyundai make a list of things you must have in or on your new car. Think about things such as color, trim, edition, engine power, wheels, etc. How high end are you willing to go? And make a list of things you could potentially live without. OK, now I know that you don't want to live without anything, BUT, if you don't have to have a sunroof, write that. It will help narrow your choice.

2. Call the Sales Manager and make sure they have the car you want, so you can test drive it and get the name of who he considers the best salesman.

3. Make your own photocopies, it will save you some time. Think drivers license, insurance, any documents you might want (marriage license, death certificate, proof of military involvement, diploma - hey, you can get a $500 rebate on a new car if you are a recent college grad).

4. When you arrive. DRIVE WHAT YOU WANT/CAN AFFORD. Do not drive an upgraded or downgraded version of what you want - it will not give you the altruistic picture you want.

5. Have your salesman give you a demo of features in the car: audio, lights, heating/cooling, navigation, etc. This will help you get a good performance idea while driving.

6. Dive into the hood. Make sure things you'll use often are accesible: the battery, oil compartment, etc. You don't want to be fumbling in an emergency!

7. Pop the trunk. Check where the spare is located and if you can fit golf clubs or Spot's dog crate back there easily along with all of your wife's suitcases.

8. It may be a nuisance, but sit in every seat. Make sure there is adequate legroom. I have to make sure my 5'11" legs can sink into the back seat in case Mom & Dad come to town.

9. Car seat check: does it buckle easily or does a cuss word pass your lips everytime you try to hook that puppy up?

10. Don't be a Dainty Flower Test-Driver - ask if you can take the car to lunch. Hit traffic, highways, hills, parking lots, etc. Maybe even plan a route before.

11. Turn off the stereo and listen for excessive ambient noise while driving. Can you deal with it?

12. Check your Blind Spots by parallel parking and changing lanes.

13. Test the Gas and Brake. Drive in stop & go traffic and merge onto the highway.

Remember, lastly to be patient with your salesman. If you need to sleep on your decision get his card, ask for his schedule and call him no matter what you decide. I am confident that these tips will help you make a great decision, maybe even same day, so you can drive home your new ride tonight!

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