Sunday, April 3, 2011

How Many Clowns Can Your Car Fit?

Case Cracked: Finally we know how you can fit all of those clowns into cars! Thank you Car and Driver for posting this article! And I thought I might go all of my life without learning that. High Points of Interest for Your Next Dinner Party:

  • there are no trap doors in clown cars

  • the car is fully functional

  • all of the interior is removed (in fact the driver sits on a milk crate

  • there are actual mathematical equations to figure the Maximum Clown Hilarity (MCH)

I've told you enough to peak your interest, now read the article and find your next clown car at Eckert Hyundai. If you can fit 40 clowns into the new Ford Focus, I think we might be alarmed at what the Accent or the Elantra could cram.

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