Monday, February 7, 2011

She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain....

What climbing the ladder of success looks like.

Sometimes we forget our roots.

Sometimes we TRY to forget our roots.

Lucky for Hyundai no one will let them forget their roots. Don't you remember that bad haircut you got in 3rd grade? How would you feel if someone flashed that in your face each day? (you should know that my picture is posted below, to prove a point - I am on the left, sorry Alli, on the right)

Jeez. Ok, so yes, the Excel was rough. But here's the deal, "Hyundai’s fortunes, and its reputation, have been on the rise in recent years, to say the least, as improved quality and bolder styling — along with recession-friendly pricing and long warranties — helped the company weather the economic downturn better than most of its competitors." And that tidbit of information is from the New York Times. Not only did they write about Hyundai coming back into the picture but also, if you'll notice they wrote a sweet review of the Sonata.

Basically, Hyundai made a mistake (amongst the many mistakes other companies...ahem, Toyota recall-aholics....have made) but they dusted off their little behinds, wiped their tears (not that grown men cry or anything) and made some pretty awesome changes, and they are humble enough to admit they made a mistake. Not to mention they just swiped the 4th spot in Top Global Automakers from Ford. Oops (sarcasm).

Can a person really love a car? Yes, read this Hyundai Lover's comments.

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