Friday, March 4, 2011

From "Blue Link" to "Green Routing." My, we are colorful.

Who doesn't want to be green? We get organic fruits & veggies, we buy Hybrid cars, we try to lower our carbon footprint, we ride bicycles, open our windows instead of using the A/C. We're trying!

Well, here's a cool way to go green. Hyundai is partnering with NAVTEQ (personal interest because my brother works for Navteq) to create "Green Routing." Hyundai itself, developed a new software working with NAVTEQ's digital map data. NAVTEQ has gotten so good they can predict unusual traffic jams. This analytical data will pick a route for you resulting in the greatest fuel efficiency.

Hyundai says, "we are looking to exploit any opportunity which encourages responsible driving and lowers CO2 emissions." Well, aren't we all?

NAVTEQ's tests of "fastest" and "greenest" routes showed an average 6 % fuel savings in urban cities such as Paris, Frankfurt, Chicago (where my family lives) and New York City. Often people are saving more than this average 6%. Not only do they offer fast and green routes but your NAVTEQ Green Routing will show you the suggested speed and gear for your terrain to save on fuel consumption.

What will you do with all of your extra money?? Buy more organic food.

Here are some other websites I found on this new effort to be green...

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