Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hyundai Global Reviews.

Sadly in Europe, probably there is no Super Bowl for us to sponsor, Hyundai isn't known half as much as other carmakers. Until recently. It's sales in Europe have grown faster than any other market. According to Colleen Barry of ABC News, "Volkswagen's Chairman, whose goal is to make the German Automaker the biggest in the world, says Hyundai is the one company that could foil his ambitions."

Hyundai is unconcerned with size and growth and being the biggest (although, eventually we will arrive) but currently they are focused on broadening appeal, growing in recognition and selling bigger cars at improved margins.

The picture above is from Motortrend.com's Angus Mackenzie and Ron Kiino's trip in a Hyundai Genesis Across Europe. They take this luxury sedan, with a photographer, from Paris to Istanbul stopping in Champagne caves, the Led Zepplin Museum, you know, normal places you'd want to stop. The article is interesting and I can say, I would definitely sign up for that project. Happy reading.

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