Thursday, April 28, 2011

Subscribe, everyone's doing it!

Ok, maybe you can tell by my writing, but I'm new at this. Before December I had never written a recurring blog with information that people would want to read. It is nice being told what your niche is.

So basically before this, I didn't know what "subscribing to a blog" meant. I was so confused! Now I'm an addict. And I don't really like to sit in front of the computer for hours but I must say that I love blogs. I love them, I can't stop subscribing to them. And then my in-box is full of junk so I do a little spring cleaning and ween it down to the few I just HAVE to read (we hope that ours makes the list).

Basically subscribing to a blog is like subscribing to a magazine where you get an article a day (or a few a week in our case). But subscribing to a blog is FREE!

Quick How-To:
1. Go to your email homepage (be it Yahoo! or Google - I'll be honest Google has cool homepages that you can design yourself:
2. Log in
3. Go to Blog Directory (in Google it's called Reader)
4. Search for the Blog you wish to subscribe to (Hyundai Monday) and click add. Each day on your reader you will get our articles!

Voila! Your college kids will be proud!

I love to write articles to help you and I promise to include all things Hyundai, as well as:
  • Financing Help
  • Rebate information (more money in your pocket - or towards your car!)
  • Cool info about new cars
  • My personal test drive opinions
  • What other people are saying about Hyundai
  • Service issues (possibly service Coupons!)
  • Helping you understand Salesmen
  • Helping you save money

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