Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And now to talk about Japan.

Ugh, it's so terrible. Every time I turn on the news I'm blasted with devastating images. This time is tough for the Japanese people, with the continuing earthquakes and nuclear issues. And now the effects are splashing up on our shores. Buckle your seat belts, folks, it's going to be a rough summer (reel in Negative Nancy comments..) not only do we have [eyebrow] raising gas prices we will soon be facing car shortages. If you haven't seen the effects the earthquakes and tsunami have had on car manufacturing plants, maybe you shouldn't look. It's enough to make car lovers everywhere shed a tear for the new cars that are completely ruined.

You may rest easy tonight, though. If you were saving your pennies for a new Hyundai, chances are we will have exactly what you want. Hyundai's major plants are in Korea but now we have our US based plants running at full capacity with overtime shifts so that we will have no disruption in production.

Other car makers who have major plants in Japan have announced significant cutbacks. Expecting to be back to full production as early as July and as late as September. "In an internal document sent to dealers Friday, April 15, Toyota said it will keep building cars in Japan at half of the original schedule until June 3, which will cost the automaker another 120,000 vehicles in lost production." Some US based Toyota Dealership managers are expecting to be out of product by the end of May. Read this article from Automotive News for more information.

Here's the thing, all these problems are spiking up, and I'm here to tell you Hyundai is doing fine. We will be here to help you pick out the perfect car for your graduate, promise.

Please note: I couldn't even put pictures of the Tsunami effects on here, too devastating.

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