Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seating for how many?

Yes, that's right, 7.

Ugh, this car is AMAZING.

Meet the Hyundai Veracruz. This is my absolute favorite car. Probably because it looks so classy, but it could also be because it has a cooler in the center console. Or because it can hold 7 people, comfortably.

So as I continue my rant about Hyundai's other breathtaking vehicles. We call these beauties the crossovers. Grouped in with the Santa Fe, the Veracruz is the older brother. In the standard GLS package extravagance abounds:
  • back up warning (perfect for you parallel parkers)
  • 2nd row climate control, praise the Lord because we live in Texas
  • power sunroof
  • heated leather seats
  • cool blue mood lighting.
"There’s plenty to praise in the Veracruz: a pampering interior, velvety powertrain, good isolation from road noise, great utility and oodles of luxury for the dollar." --Veracruz Owner

Starting at $28,045 you'll be glad you browsed. Oh, please take one home for me!

To get you really hooked I will tell you that the rebate is $1000 rebate and if you finance with Hyundai you can get a 36 month loan for 0% APR and as much as 2.9% with a 72 month loan. Uh, yea, that's a sweet deal. Happy Sunday.

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