Sunday, April 10, 2011

What is everyone looking at?

Most Read Articles (I hate feeling left out, so I'll post what is popular). Catch Up Day!

1. Hyundai Vel-Ahhh-ster. A deliciously honest review of the New 3-door (and I'm not talking hatchback) Hyundai Veloster due to come out late this year.

2. Expect the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid in Early Spring. Why are we waiting so long for the arrival of the highly anticipated Hybrid? Read why here...

3. Asterisk Abuse. Not your momma's commuter car. I seriously love this roomy compact.

4. Trade in your junker for $3000...hurry before September. Because who doesn't want $3000. See if you meet the requirements here.

5. How Many Clowns Can Your Car Fit? Ever wondered about the Physics of the clown car? Wonder no longer. Read here. And there you have it, ladies & gentlemen. The most clicked on. Happy reading, enjoy staying up to snuff!

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