Saturday, April 23, 2011

Congrats, [College] Grads!

Welcome to the other side. In addition to all of the new clothes you must accumulate for the office (no more sponge-bob square pants PJ bottoms), you'll be needing some new wheels, right? Right.

Ok, don't stress. Hyundai has this great idea but the clock is tick-tocking. Hurry, read. Hyundai wants to give you a really cool graduation gift. They want you to pick any 2010 or 2011 Model Hyundai and they will give you an additional $400 on top of any current Hyundai Rebates, no down payment required and 90 days until first payment (sorry Connecticut and Pennsylvania residents this does not apply to you - Move to Texas!).

You will probably qualify:

  • you have graduated in the past 2 years or are on track to graduate in the next 6 months.

  • you are graduating from a 4-year university, accredited 2-year university, or Nursing School, Graduate school (pursuing masters or doctorate)

  • you can provide a copy of your beloved diploma or a letter from Registrars office stating you are set to graduate within 6 months

  • IF you can provide proof of employment (a paystub or a letter of employment) and Hyundai will help determine if that is enough to pay for your car.

Congratulations. Enjoy your delightful time of celebration and come on in to check out some new cars (that could soon be yours). And beware, this offer ends soon! And Tell us where you are graduating from. Me? I'm a life long, can't stop being a fan, OU hating, LONGHORN. Hook 'em!

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