Monday, January 21, 2013

Hyundai gets 2nd Place in Car MD Ranking

2 AWARDS: Fewest Percentage of Check Engine Related Problems & Lowest Average Repair Cost

There are many costs associated with owning a vehicle:
1) Initial Purchase Cost
2) Maintenance Cost
3) Fuel Cost
4) Insurance Cost
5) Depreciation or Trade-In Cost

Hyundai does pretty well for themselves in all of these categories but a recent report from carMD supplies evidence of Hyundai's outstanding value in the maintenance department.

Since Hyundai offers a 10 year Warranty, they are more and more committed to quality vehicles that cost less and less to own and maintain.  For instance, remember timing belts?  Well, they are a thing of the past.  All new Hyundai vehicles are equipped with a timing chain, which saves you a trip to our service department and about $350 every 60,000 miles!

Want another nifty fact from this report?  The most common "check engine" type repair for newer vehicles is... drumroll please... a loose fuel cap!

Can you believe that 27% of check engine problems are caused by such a simple fix?  So next time your check engine light is on, check that your gas cap is on and tightened and you will, again, save yourself a trip to our lovely service department.

We do miss you, by the way.

Check out for the complete report.

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