Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buy a used car...where?

Alright, I have researched and researched the used car buying bonanza. Here's what I have come up with. Buy your used car at a [preferably our] dealership. I know I know you think that I am chock-full of bias because I am here in the dealership typing this right now. But honestly, it's the best way. Honestly.

I am a normal person who doesn't benefit from a car sale and I'm telling you I found some very creepy things on Craigslist and a few other selling resources. Enough to make your skin crawl (I will tell you the best ones, don't worry). But here are my thoughts on why purchasing a used car at dealership is not only the better idea but the safer one.

  • Trustworthiness. Ask anyone, there are some serious horror stories from random, private sellers off of the internet. Here's my favorite doosie (from seattleauto.net): "We knew one buyer who was on the verge of buying a beautiful but used Mercedes CLK with low miles from a sleek private seller. His fiance convinced him to get a professional inspection, whereas they learned that their luxury dream car was actually spliced together from two separate cars. They’re married now, but they passed (luckily) on the car." We are not allowed to sell you a bad car. And if we do you will have somewhere to bring it back to or someone to call the police on if, heaven forbid, it goes that far. But we aren't going to pack up our "house" and move.

  • Safety. Two reasons I fear Craiglist are 1) Who is coming over to pick this up at my home? 2)Who am I meeting to purchase this car and how many big burly men can I bring with me? You could be face-to-face with any sort of person! At least at the dealership I know I could go alone and there's a clean restroom for me to use. Not to mention our comfy sofas, free wifi and big ole fireplace.

  • Mechanic Inspected. Contrary to any doubts you've had we take really good care of our cars. Here, the mechanics do all of the inspections and fix up your new [used] baby before you drive it home. Unless marked as "As-Is" you will not be purchasing a vehicle with known problems.

Some cool things I found while researching Hyundai's for sale on Craigslist (and by cool I mean terribly awful and weird): A car with a salvage title (meaning at some point in it's life it was considered a "total loss" by an insurance company and then pieced together again), a car with AN EXISTING LIEN (ladies & gentlemen, this was the most terrifying thing I saw, if someone doesn't give you the title, don't buy the car!!!), a car that "can't pass emissions." Did you know that people could turn off the "check engine" light and then sell it to you? On your way home it could turn on and while they are already spending the money you gave them. Buying from a dealership will ensure that you do not bump into any of these problems.

On a side note: if you are trading in your car to us, you do not have to wait. You will instanteously have a trade in and buy out, if you so desire. Convenience factor? A 10.

I know you're thinking now...check out the used car inventory we have!

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