Thursday, June 16, 2011


That's a lot of money. And we're talking cars - that's a nice down payment.

September is fast approaching and with September comes the end of the Aircheck Texas Program. This is a financial assistance program that has clean air in mind. Lately, automakers are doing their best to make cars with low emissions and great gas mileage. These cars are better on the road and better to good ole mother earth.

Well, this program is good to your wallet.

Few requirements:
  • Your car has been registered for over a year in one of these counties
  • You have passed emissions test in the past 15 months
  • Your car is over 10 years old ( doesn't pass emissions, see above)
  • Your vehicle must be a drivable, gasoline powered vehicle. Sorry, no loopholes.
  • IF you car will not pass emissions, you have to prove that you have tried to test it within the past 30 days.
  • See Income Requirements here.
Most Common misconception about the Aircheck Texas Program: You have to buy a new car. Wrong! You have to buy a car that is at least a 2008 or newer, but it doesn't have to be new (it CAN be new). In a nutshell, once you print and send in your application, if everything checks out they will send you a $3,000 voucher. You can bring in your voucher and your old car (it MUST drive on to the lot) and we will gladly help you find a car that is 2008 or newer and under $25,000 or less after rebates. Ok, so do you want a new car? Are you ready to turn in your beater? Then look here!

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