Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One great deal. Guaranteed.

Go Hyundai! I know I told you about this once before but here is a new genius plan from one of the better carmakers on earth. Literally.

Hyundai has this new Trade-In Value Guarantee. Let me break it down.

You buy a new Hyundai.

You drive it like a normal person for anywhere from 2-4 years.

You want a new Hyundai.

You bring your old Hyundai to the dealership and get exactly what they told you you would get for it 2-4 years ago.

You go home with a new Hyundai, Happy and not feeling ripped off.

Basically Hyundai has a way to determine how much they will give you exactly for your car when you buy it. No Kelly Blue Book-ing your life away or hassling with Craigslist to determine what your car should be worth. We told you 2-4 years ago. AND! If you are gentle to your car, you could get MORE than what they told you 2-4 years ago. If your car is in worth less than the guaranteed value when you go to trade it in, they will give you the guaranteed value (minus any extra mileage costs or damage costs). This is a great plan! You have all of the good parts of a Lease (like you can bring your car back and get a new one) without all of the bad parts (like you HAVE to bring your car back, and no mileage restrictions). Ok, I'm letting you loose, good luck and happy shopping!

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