Monday, March 12, 2012

Coming to Your Neighborhood.

Someday I want to talk a walk around my neighborhood and take a picture of all of the Hyundais that are parked in my neighbor's driveways (it must be said, the above picture is not a photo of my neighborhood).  It is truly astounding.  Auto123 recently wrote this impressive article boasting about Hyundai's up & coming name. 

For a long while Hyundai built an empire on value, but slowly that has dissipated, "Hyundais were rarely bought because they turned heads.  As you well know, those days are far behind is now essential to what defines Hyundai.  The effects of styling are evident given Hyundai's soaring success of the last few years."  With all of the most recent awards, "Hyundai are in the big leagues and one or one more will show up in your neighborhood sooner rather than later." 

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