Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Employee of the Month

Most Efficient

Our Eckert Hyundai Employee of the Month for April is Bob Lentner our superstar Parts Manager. One of our many employees who work with family (his son Robert is our other parts department personnel) and who have been here for over a decade (11 years this September)! Bob was recognized this month by his co-workers for his efficiency. Bob has been in the automotive parts industry for 40 years and his experience and leadership show through in his meticulously organized department.

One of his co-workers wrote: “Bob has amazing organizational skills, this leads to his excellent efficiency at work. Bob doesn't mince words and is laser focused so superfluous actions do not impede his process. He is amazingly knowledgeable so he doesn't have to waste time getting information that does not lead to his providing the solution to your problem. His experience leads to the amazingly efficient parts department that is lean and mean, he is able to keep on hand just what is needed to allow repairs to be done in a faster manner. Bob is super!”

Bob is super indeed! We are proud to acknowledge this Dallas Stars loving Grandfather of 9. His hard work (he can often be found up here on weekends and has the largest collection of unused vacation days at Eckert Hyundai) and dedication to his craft have helped Eckert become the dealership it is today!

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